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megan’s Story

Welcome to my CaringBrige web page.... i've decided to do this to keep all my family & friends in the loop, and hopefully encourage others to "be strong hearted"


Peace, Love, & Happiness

My journey began 6 yrs ago when my mom was diagnosed, and 6 months later, passed away from HDGC.

Though my family knew there was a history of stomach cancer (maternal g-pop), we didnt know that we had a genetic mutation (CDH1) that would cause us to develop HDGC untill my mom tested positive.

So my mom not only gave me life 24 years ago, but she also gave me the gift of not having to suffer the way she had to....

Im not the first person  in my family to have a Total Gastrectomy... my Aunt Rose(-cancer), my older sister Rachel (+cancer), and my Uncle Pat (+cancer)...so i know ill have a lot of support from them and the rest of my family and friends:)

Coming to this decision was not easy but i knew i couldnt play around with what i view a tickn time bomb..... so i got my shit together and my surgery is sched for Sep 28. I have my youth, health, and medical backround on my side so im ready to get this show on the road.

Latest Journal Update


8 weeks post-op:)\

hey yall!!!!

Just wanted to give a lil update.

Ive been SLOWLY getting over the nausea....
somedays i'll be perfect, no nausea no dry heaves, THEN there's days when it happens 2-3 times!!! my next follow up is next week so ill bring it up....

buy other then that im doing good!!!  ive been make'n jewlery (getting really good) and visiting.....really trying to building my strength back up.  (back to work in a week!!!)

thanks for the support!!! love yah