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Megan’s Story

Welcome to our CaringBridge site for Megan. It has been created to keep friends and family updated Megan, and her fight against Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL).
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A video of pictures from Megan's first 20 months of treatment.

The story of how we got Megan's diagnosis is that she was sort of flu like for about 2 weeks. But a few days or so into it, she had an issue with her elbow, seemingly unrelated, but it had to be popped back into place. Her arm never really seemed to get better, although she mainly complained about pain in her shoulder after that, which seemed odd. Then on a Saturday she woke up not able to walk, complaining about her left knee. We took her to a family practice near our house (but not our regular pediatrician), they took a strep test that turned out to be positive. Sometimes strep can cause joint pain, so we were hoping it was just that. The next Monday we took her to her pediatrician as well as an orthopedist for her knee. They both said to just keep an eye on the fever and the knee pain. By Wednesday (11/1) she still had a fever and joint pain, even though she had been on antibiotics. Her pediatrician recommended we go to the local emergency room for sort of "one stop shopping", blood test, urine test etc.. That is when we first got the awful news that Megan had Leukemia. We were in Children's Hospital in DC for 3 weeks (except for one quick overnight at home when we returned to hospital because of fever).

Although this is the most awful news we have ever received we know our Megan will beat this cancer and live a long, happy life! We have wonderful support from all of our family and friends and of course Megan's big brother and sister, Drew and Jessica.