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A couple of milestones!

Hello Everyone, it's been quite a while since I've updated.  I've been tinkering with the idea of just not updating anymore, but then we got a guest book entry today. That entry made the decision for me - updates now and then are probably a good thing.

Since my last update things have been much smoother.  Megan has been sick a few times since then, including strep just a couple of days ago, but happily they were regular illnesses that we were able to just move past...nice and normal. :) I still appreciate that normalcy.  I do think Megan gets sick more often then most kids, that could just be how she is, or it could be that her immune system still isn't up to snuff after all that chemo.  I don't really know and it doesn't really matter.  As long as she bounces back each time!

We past a great milestone in February.  Megan went for her 3 year off treatment clinic visit!  Yes, it's been 3 years!  She's now been off treatment longer than she was on treatment - YAY!  This also means she only goes to the clinic every 6 months now...we don't go back until August - crazy!  But, I love it. :)

The other noteworthy event of late is that Megan just turned 9 this past Sunday, on the 18th.  We had a nice family party here at home.  We have quite a few local family members, so it's always a good crowd and lots of fun.  Megan had a fun day.  At the end of the month she'll be taking a few close friends to see the movie "Mirror, Mirror" and go out to dinner. So, she still has some celebrating to do!

Otherwise, she is still doing "winter swim", which is a swim team practice once a week. She'll probably also sign back up for summer swim team, but she's a little bit on the fence because she's also loving the dance class she's been taking once a week after school.  She'd like to do both - hopefully we can make that happen for her. :) She's particularly enjoying the jazz part of the class. 

Everyone else is doing great too. Ethan's job is going really well, I'm still adjusting to being a stay at home - it's a little weird for me, still. Jessica is a driving maniac - actually she's a very good driver.  We are starting to really get into the college search stuff...scary.  Drew is in 8th grade and lacrosse season has just started.  He's enjoying that and looking forward to high school next fall.  Everyone is getting so old!!! But, not me and Ethan...of course ;-)

I think that's it for now.  Enjoy the spring (it sure did come early here)!!

Thanks for checking in.