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Merry Christmas to all of our friends and family who have come here so many times to check on Megan and support us through so much!

We will be doing some extra celebrating this Christmas as we had a nerve wracking week - to say the least. Megan has had on and off headaches and nausea for the past couple of weeks. These symptoms can be a sign of a central nervous system (CNS) relapse. Of course it could just be a virus too...But, because it was lingering for so long and seems very random, we talked with Beth, who talked with Dr. Seibel.  To be cautious they scheduled a cat scan - which ended up being 1/2 an MRI.  Long story, but they shockingly had time for the MRI when we got there, so we tried it.  Megan got through about 1/2 of it and then was too nervous and claustrophobic.  But they got enough pictures of her brain to know there was no fluid in there and also saw 6 of her 8 sinuses, which were clear.  Since we knew there was no fluid or anything funky in her brain causing the issues, we were able to do a diagnostic spinal tap yesterday, to check for a CNS relapse.  I couldn't believe we were back at the clinic, having this done.  Felt surreal.  The FANTASTIC news is that there is NO leukemia in her CNS!!!  Thank God!  What a great early Christmas gift!!

Megan did great with the anesthesia and woke up nicely - no crying or yelling at us or anything like what had happened in the past. :)  Not that we cared at all, but now that's she's older and she hears these stories she feels bad.  She actually wrote on her hand "Don't yell - ok?", as a reminder to herself.  Goofy, sweet kid. :)  The other good, yet somewhat puzzling aspect of Megan with all of this is that she has not asked if we are worried that the cancer is coming back.  It's puzzling because we've been seeing Beth, having the spinal tap, etc...I'm not sure why it hasn't dawned on her, but I'm happy that she has not lost all of her innocence with this stuff.  She can worry so much about things, I'm glad she did not about this.  She did ask why she was having the spinal, I just said that like we check her blood all the time, we were just going to check that CNS fluid.  She just said, "oh, ok". (Oh, by the way, yes, we've also had blood work done this week and that's all good too!)

So, my friends, we are feeling especially blessed this Christmas and will enjoy family and friends even more this weekend.

Merry, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!