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Things have quieted down for now. Our deepest thanks to those who prayed for Kate and will continue in the weeks ahead. It's calm now, but I realize that could change at any time. 

I was updating last night in the ER on my phone with a broken screen. So I thought I would be more clear today. Even though my head feels anything but clear. I know I had never updated after Kate's ER episode and EEG 2 1/2 weeks ago. I couldn't find what to say while my heart has so wrestled with it all. Well then last night happened and I didn't have the privilege of caring what I sounded like. We were quite terrified so I updated regardless. And how could I not when our girl layed on the stretcher, so frightened, barely able to speak asking for me to get people to pray for her. We felt the urgency. 

So after the EEG Kate's neurologist felt pretty certain she had had a seizure 3 weeks ago. She has always been at risk but she really thought we were getting out of the time frame of probability of having them. And then 5 years she starts for no known reason. There was obvious concern for relapse or TIA (small stroke) causing the seizure but they believed it to be coming from the area where she had her brain surgery. So we opted to start her on medicine and watch her, taper the med, and monitor the side effects. There were a few concerns as to the side effects, but we were waiting to get her to her full dose and decide if it was the right med, hopefully never seeing one again. Meanwhile we were also going to get a stroke work up just to be cautious. No one was thinking this was the answer, but everyone was willing to be cautious. Then yesterday. 

She had another seizure, despite the medication early evening yesterday, with a house full of company. We then landed in the ER, but opted for Kate's hospital ER in LA, sure there would not be another one, for whatever reason but being a pediatric hospital and one with her records. We were wrong about not having another one. Thankfully we were already in a room in the ER when it all started again. And this time was worse. She was awake the whole time, and doesn't fall to the ground like most imagine. But what we saw and experienced terrified us. And Kate most of all. No ability to communicate or move and we finally figured out she felt like she was suffocating, and couldn't tell us. We won't forget that experience unfortunately. 

After that Dr's were on the phone and the plan kept changing. Stat CT of the head, no wait because of the radiation. Do one anyways. Wait. Stroke lab work. Wait. Iv instead. Admission to the hospital. Wait and watch her. We ended up with an IV and a loading dose of seizure medication and her being watched for a few hours following. Had she had another one they would have gone into emergency mode with testing to rule out a bleed, stroke, tumor etc. Thankfully she didn't. But also slept because of the loading dose of medicine and well because it was the middle of the night. I felt nervous taking her home, but we did. 

Today we will talk with her neurologist. And I hope we will speed up the other testing she was to have done last week, even if for our peace of mind. She is back to herself this morning, just tired and shaken. 

So what to pray. That we never see that again. That God would protect all of her body if we do see one again, with no residual damage. That we would find the right dose of the right medication to work for her. That she would find freedom in being a kid again. And that none of this would have other alarming causes underlying. We are also mixing this with things we need to tackle in other specialties. We go in tomorrow for another appointment unrelated to last night. And we are not sure if this will affect timing of her orthopedic surgery late September. 

Hopefully we will know something more today... 

Thanks for answering her request for prayers...
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Betty Taylor
By Betty
Prayed through the years for Kate and praying again
By C I
kelley boralsky
Kate is a fighter! Praying for god to rest his hands on sweet Kate and you get past this and she continues to thrive. 🙏
Stacy Fajardo
By Stacy Fajardo
Thinking of you all and keeping each of you, especially Kate, in prayer.

With much love,

karen eager
By karen eager
I am prying constantly when you come to mind. God has givin you all the strength you need
Karen Kelly
By Karen
Hi Kate, still over here in Scotland praying for you. Praying for you all.
Tammy Henline
By Tammy Henline from Cincinnati, OH
We are still continuing our prayers for Kate. I'm thankful for the updates you have been giving us. I pray for healing of her whole body.
Kristi Novac
I just wanted to let you know that we are still thinking of Kate and praying for her every single day. I hope there has been no recurrence of these seizures. God bless you, sweet girl, and God bless each of the members of the McRae family....
Ashley Diebold
By Ashley Diebold
Holly- I have been praying for your sweet Kate as I have prayed for my own Kate. I pray that The Lord would heal your sweetie and that many would come to know Him through her life and the great faith of you and your husband. I pray that The Lord would be glorified through her life and I consider it my joy and privilege to pray for your family.
danielle condon
McRae Family,
My deepest thoughts and prayers go out to your sweet Kate- May God send some answers and lay his gentle healing hands upon her! Lots of love and positive thoughts during this difficult time!

Danielle from Texas