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quick little update... 

Would love prayers for Kate today. She was really discouraged heading off to school. I hate wiping her tears right before I send her off. Last week we had a new brace made, it was really necessary as her knee was collapsing in the old one. The solution just wasn't what she hoped. Now she is braced to her hip. Today is the first day she is wearing it to school. With tears. During the appointment we also discovered that Kate may need orthopedic surgery. Her femur may be giving her trouble which can't be corrected by a brace or exercise. So we meet next month with an orthopedic surgeon to get an X-ray and determine what he deems necessary. The one upside of surgery would be that she wouldn't have to be braced to her hip any longer. So we pray the surgeon will be insightful into the absolute best possibility for her for the long term. Yes, we are hopeful that God blesses us with the long term with her.

I think adding to the frustration Kate has an appointment today to see if we need a spot on her scalp removed in the area she had radiation. We were recommended by oncology to get it off because of her history. So we see dermatology to see if we need it biopsied. I have found that sometimes its the simpler things that cause the cascade of frustration. The simple after other disappointments. Praying most every hair on her head will be spared if they do remove it. And of course that it's just nothing. We like nothing.

There are many days that I wish along with the clean scans came reprieve from everything else for her. Just freedom from continual challenges. But I have found when the challenges aren't relieved, often God sends a little encouragement instead. So with perfect timing the day Kate got her unwanted brace (by the way we have the most tender hearted, insightful and encouraging orthotist) she also got our new puppy. He even licked her tears as she was getting her brace. Thank you Jesus that when you don't spare the tears, you often give someone to catch them for us. 

Thanks for joining us in these requests. We are so grateful!!
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Carolyn Smith
By Carolyn Smith
I have been following your journey and praying for you since Day One. Your faith, courage, tenacity, and sweet spirit are such a blessing.
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Sandi Stogdell
By Sandi stogdell
Wow! You are such an amazing young Lady Miss Kate. You have become so beautiful and your smile warms my <3 Heart. What have you decided to name your new puppy? You are such an encouragement to so many people. The Love of Jesus shines through you. Hugs and many prayers are sent to you and the ears of Jesus who listens to us!
In His Care,
Amy Fry
By Amy Fry
I have prayed and will continue to pray for your sweet girl and for your family, as you continue this road. She is CANCER FREE! Praise His Holy Name!!! I am praying for minimal or nonexistent side effects as she continues with this journey called Life. He CAN provide that. Please tell her I'm so proud of her. And I'm proud of you too, Holly.
As Always, Blessings.
Dee Ann Porter
By Dee Ann Porter, Windfall, Indiana
Praying for Kate and the family for peace, healing, comfort and happiness! My best to you all!
Johnnie DePoyster
By Johnnie DePoyster
Praying for good health, good news, and fewer and fewer tears. May God bless and keep you all. Love the picture.
Renee Dobzyniak
By Renee Dobzyniak
Beautiful and inspiring young lady with an adorable little puppy! Praying for you always, Kate :)
frank friedman
By Prof. Frank Friedman
Kate:We pray for you all the time. You are an inspiration to many. Love, Prof. Frank Friedman,Flint,Mi.
beth searing
By Beth Searing
So thinking and praying for your family. We are going thru something similar with my sister and my other sister has been braced all her life due to polio -- and she is an amazing woman -- as Kate will be for sure!
Pam Tidemann
By Pam Tidemann
Hey Kate, I'm so excited you got a new puppy!!! What did you name him or her? I have Scrappy and Baxter!! I hope you have a lot of fun with your new friend! Hang in there with your new brace, it's going to be okay. I know it doesn't seem like that right now...but hang in there!!! I hope your day went well! It's fun having the puppy to look forward to when you get home I'll bet!! I'd better scoot! Keep smiling, pretty girl!!
Kathye Vance
By Kathye Vance
Praying for your beautiful Kate....