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I find it's harder to update as the days pass, a blessing as the urgency of things of the past few years has settled down into a different  sort of routine. I like that. But it's also harder as Kate ages. Feeling a distinct motherly duty to protect what should remain private and yet still share that which is free to, for those who have chosen to join her story. Sometimes the line feels blurry so I sit quiet. 

Many things small, yet huge have passed. Celebrations and disappointments. Realities wrestling with hope and progress. First Kate's MRI final report did come back clean. I will never tire of hearing those words. The years, the waiting and the treatments have aged us and yet those words serve to refresh. Kate was labeled as having a new allergy after the last MRI. She will now have to go on a regimine of being pre treated before and after any and all MRIs, in attempts to try and prevent the allergic reaction. We are obviously not in the place where we can just forego MRI's. Disappointing but nothing crucial. Her next MRI is already sneaking up just 4 weeks away. 

It feels late and ineffective to merely just thank publicly those of you who contributed to the Christmas drive. But thanks I guess is all I have. You blessed us and the 30 families affected. You supplied thousands and thousands of dollars in gift cards to send out. We wept and rejoiced reading your letters and seeing your generosity. And for the first year I noted that a large portion of the donations actually came from those of you who whose journies have been hard, and many whose still are. It spoke volumes. Again thank you... It's a great joy to join with you in reaching out to these families.

So we continue to tackle the challenges faced with a neurological injury. Progress feels painfully slow if non existent and yet her Rehab Dr was very pleased with were we sit. Kate continues to be driven by her competitiveness. If told she can't do something at school she returns home determined to prove that kid otherwise. We hope one day to find the potential physical limitations as one of her greatest strengths. And rather than seeing cancer as a limiting factor hoping it will somehow provide boundless opportunity for her. It's one of my countless prayers for her life. So in the waiting for the answer I am ever so slowly learning to watch for His activity in the process. 

Next month will be filled with 3 rather important specialist appointments. We cherish your prayers. But we just as much cherish your celebrations with us. I realized I missed the 3 year mark for Kate's relapse. Since it seems many of the events of the last years have revolved around those specific dates, I couldn't believe that I didn't recognize when February 1st hit. And yet I smile realizing she was too busy living. This Monday does mark a celebration, Kate's transplant birthday. 4 years ago she will have received her own stem cells back in attempts to give her a new chance at life. I hope I never forget to celebrate. 

Thanks for loving her and praying for her, and us in turn.