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MRI yesterday...

Much to update with less than stellar focus right now...

Most importantly... Kate had her MRI yesterday. I thought we had that down. After seemingly hundreds, yesterday proved that even the routine can be not very. She was a champ as usual despite a nasty cough. She laid still for the entire scan holding her cough until they told her to. They were impressed, I was assured she would do no different. Then after the MRI she broke out into a rash. For as many times as I have said, "no she has no contrast allergy" (a medication given during the MRI) yesterday proved different. The rash turned into momentary wheezing and so on. Benedryl, longer stay for observation and then we left. But only to wake up this morning to the rash returning, and skipping school for the 7th Dr appointment in the last week. The rash has worsened despite Benedryl, which now will not allow her to have the contrast for the MRI's without first being treated on a regimine of steroids and a dose of Benedryl beforehand. Bummer. But the hard thing has been watching her struggle. She normally smiles incessantly, rarely complains and always find something praiseworthy in the hard. Lately she is just done. Done with cancer and all of its nasty after effects. She cries easily and feels left behind when she spends lots of time at the Dr. She has begun to wonder if life will always hold cancer's sting. Makes our hearts break to watch. Please pray for her spirits... they are taking a hard hit.

So as we were attempting to figure out the allergic reaction today we received the most welcome of emails from her oncologist... a clean scan! I have no detailed information until tomorrow at her oncology appointment... but for now we feel the burden of that lifted and we celebrate 1 and a half years off of cancer treatment! Thank you Jesus...

Thanks for praying and celebrating simultaneously with us. Seems there is always the need and place for both.

We will update after the final report tomorrow... however we may be headed in tonight for a chest xray... but it's with the ease of knowing no cancer is growing.