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Thank you to those who have begun to send in gift cards for the Christmas drive. I love reading your notes, hearing your stories and seeing what you chose to give. It all blesses us. We are continuing to select families as donations come in. I wanted to share a few more of these children's stories with you. I never want this to seem disconnected from the lives we want to reach into. These kids have stories, families, hopes and dreams, and life threatening health challenges, which oftentimes equate to family financial burdens. That's where I hope we can send them a package filled with gift cards to say Merry Christmas and you are loved and thought of this Christmas by many. And yet we hope it will also meet a practical need. Groceries. Gas. Daily items. Or even Christmas gifts if they so choose. So thank you deeply for helping us.

Here's a glimpse at Jon's story...
Jon was always a VERY energetic child, so when his balance suddenly seemed off it caught everyone's attention. No one could have imagined what it was until one day at baseball practice they noticed his left arm just hanging to the side. Soon after he was seen by a neurologist and sent for a CT scan. Brain tumor. And then the heartbreaking diagnosis of DIPG, an inoperable brain tumor.

Jon is an energetic 6 year old little boy in the first grade. He loves teasing his two sisters and making his classmates laugh. He loves baseball, roller hockey, legos and video games. He never meets a stranger, and shows an incredible amount of love to all. He is currently undergoing radiation to the brain in California to treat the disease.

Amy is a fun loving 18 year old. She prefers baking, crafts, hanging out with friends and family and reading her bible fill her time, but fighting cancer now tops the list with an urgency. She was initially diagnosed with a germinoma brain tumor in July of 2012. After radiation the tumor seemed gone. But this past February she lost complete use of her legs only to find cancer cells between the lining of her brain and skull and multiple tumors along her spine. On her 18th birthday a port was placed and chemo was started.

With an unusual courage Amy has said that she doesn't fear cancer. That God will give her the strength to see this through or take her home. But she is believing she has much more to accomplish in her days here, hoping those days will be plentiful. Despite her own unique challenges she continues to put others needs before her own, praying for them when her own needs are so great. Amy is currently receiving treatment in Arizona.

For more information on Kate's Crazy Cool Christmas please go to Click on "site" and then on the christmas drive link.

Additional gift cards we are requesting...
~gas cards to Shell, BP, Valero, Speedway
~grocery cards to Kroger, Wegemans, Trader Joes, Safeway and Frys
~Lego store
~JC Penneys
~Best Buy
~Dollar General
~Dick's Sporting Goods
~Children's Place
~Disney store
~Scheels Sports store
~Old Navy

(Addtional gift card ideas are on the prayforkate site)

Thank you again for joining us. We will continue to update you on stories and additional requests. And thank you for keeping Kate in prayer as we work out a new brace, an indepth eye appointment and an MRI in 3 1/2 weeks.