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Christmas drive... please consider being a part

So it's time to get this rolling... and it's absolutely one of my favorite things during the Christmas season. There are so many families quietly fighting the effects of pediatric cancer. And so we choose this most special of holidays to engage you to engage with them.

For the 5th year, it's Kate's Crazy Christmas drive. We would love to help at least 25 families this year fighting pediatric brain cancers in particular. And we will also be helping some other pediatric cancer families. We found gift cards so helpful during our own journey and so we are hoping to provide these families with a large assortment of gift cards to help with daily practical needs and also for gifts for Christmas if they would so choose. It's a way to let them know that their heartache is recognized. We obviously rely on so many of you to make this happen, as you graciously have in the past. Info for this years drive is posted at  Click on to go on the site, and then click on the Christmas tab.

Additional specific requests for gift cards will be listed on journal updates on here. Thank you for joining us in reaching out to these families!

Some additional gift card requests:
Kroger Grocery Store
County Market Grocery Store
Trader Joes
Dollar General
Old Navy
Sams Club
Children's Place
Hobby Lobby
Bed Bath and Beyond
Best Buy

** the rest of the gift card requests are on

Here is the story of one young man you could reach out to help... (in his mother's words)

Benjamin (Min, adopted from South Korea), joined our family at age three. We knew he could face challenges due to his neurofibromatosistype 1. This, however, didn’t cause many difficulties during his growing up years, but his Asperger’s (developmental disabilities) did.
May 2012 Min underwent surgery for removal of a large, pre-cancerous abdominal mass. Then this November, doctors discovered our now 20-year-old son has has brain cancer, an astrocytoma invading both hemispheres of the brain and spidering as well, affecting his vision, memory, language, and some motor skills to date. It cannot all be removed. He also has an inoperable benign tumor that causes him to be dizzy and nauseous most of the time.
We’re now traveling a path we never thought we’d be on, as we help our son until God calls him heavenward. We so need and appreciate your prayers. Thank you.