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Show them the beef - or pasta, or veggies

As I've mentioned, the outpouring of support for Max's family has been abundant, impacting them in a way that is foreign.  As a pastor (and pastor's kid), Tom is quite skilled at and comfortable with serving others.  Melanie has the pastor's kid gene as well.  Their children have learned this character trait by demonstration and participation. It's who they are.  Yet, allowing others to shower them with such significant generosity is not something they have experienced, nor something with which they are comfortable. 

This is not to say that their church families and others have not shown them great kindness and gifted them well on many occasions.  Certainly they have.  Instead, my point is that the level to which friends and family members are now entering into their struggle, bearing their burden, and engaging to meet their needs is something never experienced by their family.  It is foreign and uncomfortable.  Thankfully, their thick exterior of care giving is now being penetrated by the unrelenting service of others.  They are learning.  They are growing.  They are grateful that so many wonderful people have forced them to experience a new dimension of God's blessing in such a powerful way.

In this regard, a thoughtful church family member has set up a Care Calendar, which will enable many to provide meals for Max's family for the next few weeks. 

access Schwolert family's personal CareCalendar site, 

visit and

the following information in the appropriate spaces:

    CALENDAR ID   :   135526

    SECURITY CODE :   8899

You may provide one or more meals on designated dates.

Your generosity will not only fill their stomachs, but also their hearts.

Peace be with you,

Phil Schwolert