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Max has won the battle over sickness and is free to live eternally with Jesus.  Please view the Journal posts below to learn more about memorial services, meal support, and other ways you may be able to support Max's family during this time.  Memorial services will be held to celebrate Max's life with family and friends at 1:00pm on Monday, December 31 in Minnesota and Saturday, January 5 in Texas.


Phil Schwolert posted a new journal entry, "Can this be right?".

Nothing feels right.  That’s what I told my younger brother Matt, sitting in his boat as we tried to enjoy an afternoon of fishing, a few days following Max’s ... Read more

Kjersten Dysthe signed Max's Guestbook.

Dear  Schwolert Family, We have been thinking about you.  No adequate words will do.  We are thankful you have so much love and support in your life. Kjersten ... Read more

Carol Solovitz signed Max's Guestbook.

Dear Tom, Mel and loved ones, On January 16, I read an article in our local Lakeland, FL, paper about the flu and children. I was stunned to see the name Max Schwolert. ... Read more

Brenda Bradford signed Max's Guestbook.

Beautifully written Phil.  Reminds me of Rachel Scott of Columbine.  Keep sharing! i feel moved by God each time I read your entry's. Read more

Marilyn Sharpe signed Max's Guestbook.

Dearest Schwolerts, I'm just guessing that this was the nature of Jesus' life ... not fitting into the world as it was.  Thank you, Phil, for naming this dislocation for ... Read more

Kelly Thomason signed Max's Guestbook.

Thank you, Phillip Schwolert, for touching my heart today with your words. I'm right there with feeling this is truly not my home. Felt that way ever since I let Jesus ... Read more

Patricia Fick signed Max's Guestbook.

Uncle Phil, Thanks for what you wrote.  Indeed, we will never feel right in this world because it is not our real home.  We are wearing our LOVE TO THE MAX T-shirts ... Read more

Terri Elton signed Max's Guestbook.

Phil - Beautiful post, and right on brother! Right on relationally, right on psychologically, and right on theologically. I couldn't help but think of a parallel story ... Read more

Monica Jinright signed Max's Guestbook.

I read your post Phil.  It made me smile.  I no longer live in Flower Mound but continue to read the posts made by people from all over.  It gives me a sense of peace ... Read more

Lynn Lurvey signed Max's Guestbook.

Dear Family,I love to read the updates and devotionals reflecting on this journey that is so difficult.  You are all in my thoughts and prayers.  What great sorrow. ... Read more

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