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July 16

For those of you who have heard Max talk about "his Chinese friends," you will appreciate this photo! They visited him in Omaha for an afternoon and took him out to lunch. He's eating on his own now and finally starting to enjoy it again, only using the feeding tube for medications and fluids when necessary. 

Setu tells me his physical health continues to improve and he's even starting to walk on his own without any assistance from other people or equipment. He understands practically everything spoken to him in any language that he spoke before the accident and can respond accordingly, but the focus still remains on his reading, writing, and speech ability. 

She wanted me to tell you all how much your letters and calls mean to Max. He's already bored with Omaha and ready to come home, so the communication from friends is really helping him pass the time and feel connected with the outside world. 

Please continue to reach out to him by sending letters to the following address: 

ATTN Patient: Max Jacobson
6404 N 70th Plz
Omaha, NE 68104

Thanks so much!


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1 Comment

Kathy Ardoin
By Kathy Ardoin John and Dusty
Hi Setu and Max, I have been keeping up with the progress you have made...You are doing great, Max! You have a wonderful nurse/caretaker, Setu! I want you both to know that I live in a small town in Arkansas, but my 2 sons live in Las Vegas. My sons have a little restaurant that you reviewed...Rollin Smoke Barbeque. Their business has grown, Max, and a special thank you for the great review. When you get back to Vegas and get ready for an Outlaw Burger or some good beef ribs...let John (also known as Trey), Dusty or me know! Prayers for you, Max, and you too, Setu!
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