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Musings July 3, 2014

While reading Katie's post and realizing that Max still has a long way to go, I can't help but be encouraged by how far he has come in 6 months. The first 31/2 months were spent dealing with major medical issues. Now, after 5 hospitals (Sunrise Trauma, Kindred - ICU-Med/Surg-Acute Care, St. Rose, Swedish and Craig Rehab. Hosp.), he is now in a facility dedicated to promoting independence and a return to the community. It will still be a pretty long haul, but he's on his way with the tireless presence and support of Setu, who is totally dedicated and committed to his return to wellness.

With the exception of a couple of short breaks, Noah and I have been with Max and Setu 24/7 for most of this journey. With the arrival of he sister, Sita, we pass the torch of intimate support to another who loves him and have returned to Spokane where we will continue to maintain this support from a distance, but with no less love.

I cannot begin to thank those who have been, and are continuing to be constant in their varied, practical, loving and successful efforts to encourage Max's recovery in many different ways. Noah R. has been instrumental every step of the way in seeing that Max has gotten, and is now getting the level of care that he needs. Paul G. has dealt with many issues as well, from financial to legal. I would be remiss not to mention Katie, Phil, Elizabeth, Michael, Al, Rick, Barry, Hugh and, of course, his very loving, constant, helpful and dear, Emma. If I have left anyone out, I do apologize. We have met a huge number of quite wonderful people throughout this process and not had the pleasure to meet the many who have been supportive in a less visible way.

Please continue to support Max and Setu in whatever way best suits you as they continue this journey.

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Kathy Ardoin
By Kathy Ardoin, Trey and Dusty
Thank you so much for the update on Max! He is doing great and will get stronger with each passing day Keep up the good work, Max! I am proud of you! Prayers for you and Setu!
David & Terri Hohl and Family
By David & Terri Hohl and Family
You and Noah have given so much of your own lives these many months, rest and take care of your own lives for a while. I think I can say for all of Max's friends you deserve" Thanks so much for your love and care of Max."