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July 1

Max made it safely to QLI in Omaha Nebraska via air last week. Setu and her sister Sita drove out from Denver to meet him there and they are all settling into their new surroundings. So far he seems to be in good hands as they evaluate his speech, motor skills, physical condition, brain function, and overall health to create his therapy plan moving forward. The therapists will pick up where Craig Hospital left off and hopefully treat him at QLI for the next 6 months per the recommendation of his neurologists and doctors. Insurance will only cover a fraction of this time but we are hopeful that the funds raised from the Chefs to the Max efforts will help to cover the immediate medical and living expenses that are rapidly building. 

I spoke to Max on the phone last night and while his voice sounds strong, he still gets frustrated with his words and he starts sentences only to trail off into gibberish -- or quite possibly a mashup of languages that he once spoke fluently. He's able to stand and walk with the assistance of at least one other person and a walker, brush his teeth and write his name, and is continuing to eat more solid foods while still on the feeding tube for meds and fluids.

Setu tells me that he has become more stubborn then usual since they arrived in Omaha. He does't understand why he's there and thinks he should be home, which is hard to argue with given that he hasn't been home in over 6 months. The doctors say that the first 9 months are the most crucial to gauge recovery with brain injuries as severe as his, so the next 3 months will be intense and we want him to make as much positive progress as possible. 

I was thinking of a few ways you can all help… Please continue trying to reach him via Setu's cell # to speak on the phone, but also try writing letters and let him know what's happening in the world outside of his hospital room. Eventually he will read them himself, but for now it would be great for Setu and the medical staff to be able to read them aloud and create a distraction from the current situation. You can send to Max's attention at the address below:

ATTN Patient: Max Jacobson
6404 N 70th Plz
Omaha, NE 68104

Thanks in advance for your help!