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June 23 - 6 months since the accident

I was just reading back through all these journal entries… hard to believe it's been 6 months since the accident. Max and Setu are still going strong and making slow, yet steady progress in his recovery. Full update to follow shortly, but his allocated time at Craig Hospital is up so they are off to Omaha, NE this week where he will stay and continue his rehabilitation treatment at QLI for up to 6 more months.

The Jacobson's are missed dearly here in Las Vegas but we will wait patiently and support from afar while they continue to work on getting MAX back! 

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David & Terri Hohl and Family
By David & Terri Hohl and Family
We miss you guys! Everyone came in for D.J.'s Graduation and Bday. Katelyn took him back to Missoula MT to see her life. He came back just in time to go to Kansas City for the Nationals of Skills USA. Then he is off to Alaska to fish with his Cousins and Uncles. Tell Max there are snacks in the corner when he comes home.Setu the garden is fine, lots of peppers but no tomatoes. How is Max's guitar playing coming along?