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Hopefully Helpful

Now that all this great publicity is
out there about the funraiser that directs people to caringbridge
(big thanks to Patty and Marianne and others for all the excellent
work) it was suggested that I make a journal entry that goes into
some detail about the different options people have for donating. So
here goes.

Let me first apologize for the fact
that it's not easy to make a simple donation. What with the buttons
to make a “tribute donation” versus clicking on the green letters
that take you to a different website on one hand and sending money to
Aubrey Jones (who some people might not know is my most excellent
brother-in-law) on the other, it is a bit of a mess. So what follows
is (I hope) a clear explanation of the donating options:

Writing a check. - Make the
check out to Aubrey Jones and send it to him at

Matt L'Herogan Fund C/O
Loyola Drive
Davis, CA

The money goes into an account that
Aubrey and my brother Marsh have access to for bill paying.

Using your credit/debit card or your
paypal account.
- go to this url:

and follow the instructions. The
clever amongst you will recognize the name Tara Weidenhammer in that
url and may even know her as my most excellent sister-in-law who is
letting us use a page on her art website to be the launch pad into
Aubrey's paypal. A real family effort!

Supporting caringbridge with a
- Caringbridge makes their website available for people
like me for free and several of you have donated to the organization
by making donations “in tribute”. You do this by clicking on any
of the magenta colored buttons on the caringbridge site that say
“donate now” or “donate today”. It's a good thing, but be
aware that those donations only go to caringbridge and not us. The
only link on the site that sends you to a place where you can donate
and the money goes to us isn't a button but the uppercase letters
“DONATE TO MATT'S FUND HERE!” in green with the exclamation
point. This takes you to the previously mentioned

Using cash. - So of course using
good old currency is the most difficult in this day and age. But
this is how we trick you into coming to the funraiser and exchanging
your cash for a really good time and maybe one of the really cool
silent auction items on display!

Are you wondering why this is all so
complicated and you can't just send money directly to us? Glad you
asked. It has to do with my back-up insurance, which anybody who is
dealing with big medical bills is asked about. They always ask “What
is your back-up insurance?” Well, in my case it's Medi-Cal, which
is California's version of Medicaid. In order to stay within their
guidelines, we can't make above a certain amount. Even though these
donations would be going out to pay medical bills, Medi-Cal only
looks at income, not expenses. But they allow others to pay your
bills for you. It makes little sense, but that's the way it is. So
my brother Marsh and brother-in-law Aubrey are managing the account
(thanks, bros) and Sally and I can stay legit in Medi-Cal's eyes.

So, that's it. Thanks to all for
reading this far and thanks for your ongoing support. Hope we see
you at the funraiser!

One more thing. - People have been
wanting to send Sally, Guthrie and I their best wishes, thoughts,
ideas, etc so here is our address:

Matt, Sally and Guthrie

3004 N Street

Eureka, CA