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Matt’s Story

Welcome to our site created to keep you connected on our journey to Matt's miracle. We are glad you are taking the time to visit. Please feel free to sign the guest book to let us know you were here. Don't feel like you have to have something profound to say each time. We are just thankful you care.

Matt was diagnosed with Myelodysplastic Syndrome March 5, 2008. This is a rare blood disease. The average age of diagnosis is around 70 years old, Matt is 34. Doctors are telling us that our only hope for a cure is for Matt to have a bone marrow transplant. We are currently in search of a donor match.

Our faith is strong and we take comfort in knowing that Matt, and our entire family, is cradled in our Heavenly Father's arms.

For those of you that don't know Matt well I will fill you in. He is just one of those guys that people enjoy being around. He is kind, generous, fun, yet real. Being real is one of the things I have always loved about him. He married his highschool sweetheart ( that's me!) and we have been married for almost 13 years. He is the super Daddy of 4 beautiful children, Dustin (7), Tesa (4), Taylor and Jordyn (16 month old twin girls.) His children think he is the stongest, coolest Daddy ever!

Matt's personality is much like his Grandpa Johnson's. We often refer to them as "rough, tough, cocoa puffs!"

Matt enjoys snowmobiling, watching football, fishing, skiing (both snow and water), coaching his kid's sports, and spending time with family and friends. The reality is that our life is so filled just taking care of our kids that most of the hobbies are "on the shelf" for the time being. That's okay, he wouldn't want it any other way.

Matt is an electrical contractor. He started his own business about 18 months ago and has quickly turned the business into something great. He is responsible and hard working and on most days he enjoys what he does. He has met a lot of wonderful people through his work.

Matt is definitely a family man. If I was to describe Matt in one sentence I would say that he is a dedicated husband, exceptional father, trustworthy friend, and most importantly, child of God.

Latest Journal Update


This will be my last journal entry in "Matt's Miracle." Today marks 1 month since Matt spoke his last words to me. Those words were "I love you." As I struggle to get through each day I continue to be thankful for the love he had for me and I for him. We shared a love that many people go a lifetime and never experience. It was real, it was deep, and it was unconditional.

I take comfort in knowing that Matt is without pain in heaven. He now understands why his life on earth was cut so short. I don't understand, and probably won't until I join him there. But for now I find some peace in knowing that Matt is well and experiencing the wonders of heaven.

Dustin and Tesa are full of questions. Their questions are amazing to me. One very simple question that has been asked by both of them is, "who will be our daddy now?" My response is always, "Daddy is still your daddy and always will be. He loves you and watches over you from heaven." Matt loved our kids with everything in him. I will continue to talk to them about the exceptional father that he was. My hope is that in time even Taylor and Jordyn will realize the magnitude of the love their daddy had for them, and still has for them from heaven.

So for now we will just keep living one day at a time. The pain and heartache is extraordinary. So many dreams are shattered. God is my strength. I continue to see His hand in our lives. He has hand-picked people to love and care for me and the kids in Matt's absence. I am very behind on thank you's, but please know how thankful I am. Each and every act of kindness means so much. I am confident that Matt is especially thankful from above.

And now one last time on this site I will say thank you. Thank you for your support and prayers. Thank you for walking this journey with us. And truly that is what it is...a journey. Our life on this earth is just the journey to heaven for all those who love the Lord. And sad as I am to do it without Matt, my journey here continues.