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  • Written May 31, 2009 9:26pm

    Hey it's mattie I just wanted to say that..... YOU GUYS ARE LAME! You haven't been on here and I actually take the tme and effort to get on here hoping that at least my gram would get on but no. Eb=verybody has more inportant things in there life well fine then I guess IA just won't get on any more!:(

  • Written Jan 7, 2009 7:59am

  • Written Jan 7, 2009 7:52am

    Hi guys sorry I havent been on for a while! Things have just gotten VERY busy like school and all that. BUT guess what i'm working on a bunch of stories like you know the new Twilight series? Well I wrote a story just like that! Before it even came out! Of course I didnt publish it yet but I wrote a story just like it and now I cant publish it because noone wil read it!:)

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