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Matthew’s Story

As a result of head trauma during a football game on Sept. 18, Matthew Newman was admitted to the hospital and immediately underwent surgery to relieve pressure on his brain. 
Thank you to everyone for the many offers of prayers and continuous support for Matthew and family.

Latest Journal Update


Lets celebrate Matthew's one year anniversary and God's miraculous hand in his recovery this Sunday.

Its been almost a year since Matthew's injury and what year it has been.  Tremendous highs and lows for sure and we are so fortunate to have come out of this year on a high note.  Matthew is living the life of a "normal" teenager, attending school full time and lots of social engagement.  He is expected to graduate with his class next spring with a few make up credits to complete after. 
What an amazing reality; one that the doctors and nurses would never have imagined twelve months ago.  There were so many close calls and tough days, weeks and months but Matthew pulled through and through it all we all grew stronger right along with Matthew.  We grew stronger though the brutal challenges and trials of life; Matthew, his family, community and beyond, we all prevailed.  We are not only blessed with a miraculous and positive outcome but also with strength and wisdom coming from enduring such a tragedy. 

I would like to invite you all to help us celebrate what God has done through Matthew's trial and continuing recovery this Sunday at the Highland Community Church. We will meet at the Highland High School commons area Sunday morning at 10 AM. 

I hope to see you there.

Brad Newman