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Matthew’s Story

Welcome to our CaringBridge site. We've created it to keep friends and family updated. We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement during this time when it matters most.

Latest Journal Update

A Fresh Look

After having panic attacks come back again so intensely that they disrupted therapy and prompted Cedars-Siani to schedule Matthew's departure without meeting his goals we received a "measure of grace."  On Tuesday morning as Matthew was experiencing panic attack after attack, unable to catch his breath and muscle twitching so severe therapy was canceled, Joe called for help repeatedly.  Around noon the psychiatrist that works with him was able to observe an attack.  She started piecing the puzzle that is Matthew together and though, perhaps, that he may have Serotonin Syndrome.  A reaction to the antidepressants he's been on since he left UCLA nearly two years ago.

As Joe and I reviewed the time-line since then we realized that when those medications increased, his anxiety did too.  Doctors, and we, thought that we were treating the anxiety by increasing dosages but it looks as if we were creating the problem.  Wednesday was Matthew's first day wihout an anti-depressant and while it should take three to four weeks to get out of his system, he didn't have one anxiety attack all day!  Thursday was the same, although he was very shakey during therapy.  He's gained some anger finally.  Matthew and Joe met with our pastor's wife Tuesday night. Our pastor has battled cancer, and beat it with God's grace, for nearly three years now.  He has been treated at Cedar's and was there for treatment Tuesday, his wife contacted me and the boys were able to visit with her as Pastor Dave was treated.  I don't know what the conversation was, but I know it was meaningful for Matthew.  By Wednesday afternoon he was searching for God in this, angry and frustrated with the situation and voicing his desire to "feel God's arems around me."  To Joe and I this is Matthew searching for his own relationship with God, not mirroring ours.  This is such a wonderful sign!

Matthew is scheduled to come home on Tuesday, this time Cedar's has offered to let him stay a bit longer because he's progressing so rapidly now.  I'm almost afreaid to hope, almost afraid to share, we've been let down so many times.  Then I remember how close to death my son has been, he's been snatched back to us more than once.  God has a plan.  We may never know what it is but it seems Matthew is nearing the healing we've been praying for so long.  He turns 18 on February 10, I can't believe it.  We continue to be blessed by the support of so many, those I work with and call my family, our neighbors and our church family from years ago and now.  Thank you, I promise to contiue to update as long as I have news to report.
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9 Comentarios

Kathy Arkle
By Kathy Arkle
So happy to hear the great news.
I pray for all of you on this new path.
Alan Fisher
By Alan Fisher
Keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers always..🙏✨🙏✨🙏
Marci Dean
By Marci Dean
katie chatelain
By katie chatelain
So great to read!!!! Happy for you ALL!!
Judith Price
By Judith Price/Nana
Matthew never ceases to amaze me. His faith & love of our Savior is never ending. He is a wonderful young man. Loves his family & friends are very important to him & has kept his great sense of humor most of the time throughout this ordeal. God bless him. I can't wait for him to get home.
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Sherry Berwick
By Sherry Berwick
Yes!!!! Answers and new hope. Not a day goes by without us thinking of you all. Sending prayers and love.
michelle dunlap
By Michelle Dunlap
I suffered from Serotonin Syndrome and it took a few months before they figured it out. The medications they kept prescribing for my migraines were interacting with my antidepressant. The psychiatrist and pharmacist that figured it out said the reason it wasn't flagged in the system was that it was rare. It caused me rapid heartbeat, rapid pulse, hard time breathing, sweating profusely, slurring my words, twitching and confusion. It was horrible because it made my anxiety so much worse. I had to come off the migraine meds and they had to think outside the box for a medication. Praying that Matthew continues to progress and that this is just another answer to the puzzle. He is such a fighter!
Jan Salvay
By Jan Salvay
You guys never cease to amaze me. Between Matt's family, his doctors, and Matt, you are tenacious, strong and inspiring. You guys keep it going! Any wait to see you Matty;)
Joanne Keniston
By Joanne Keniston
That is such great news! Can't wait to see you all home! For food this time!! Sending love and prayers your way!
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