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  • He is Risen Indeed, a day early!

    Written Apr 19, 2014 1:41pm

    I love the Easter season, renewal, spring, family gathering to visit, but this year its even sweeter.  The weekend began yesterday for us with a doctors appointment with the neurologists at CHOC, this time Drs. Shrey and Tran (we'd seen her quite a bit at the hospital in December, a beautiful and feisty little powder keg of a doctor.).  

    They spent the typical, for them, hour with us and this time Matthew was full of questions for Dr. Shrey about his recovery, his afflictions and his future.  Matt stood and took a step or two for them with Joe.  They are delighted with his progress. Something penetrated my brain finally, the harsher the injury to the brain, the longer recovery takes.  That Matthew survived and is headed to a complete recovery continues to amaze the doctors who evaluate him; I pray I always remember that.  He took the information from Dr. Shrey and put it to use right away.  We decided to stay in the O.C. for a movie, at the theater he transferred into their seat and promptly put his feet up just like he used to.  Talk about little things mean a lot!  From there we had dinner then headed home with Tiffany along for the ride.

    When we pulled in the drive and the three of us were out of the truck we came around to fine Matthew standing outside the passenger seat, holding on to the truck door!  If you haven't seen him, he has continued to need help with that simple act until last night.  In shock, we walked up to him and he put his hands on his sister's shoulders. He wanted to take some steps, with her walking backwards he began walking forward.  He'd done this in therapy but not like he did last night.  He walked from the truck, over the patio, up the ramp, into the house and to his room!  Tears were running down may face when we got there.  His steps were slow and careful, he paused to regroup a few times but he did it!  He rose, he walked and another huge step towards recovery has begun.

    He was happy yesterday.  There had been a seizure on Monday morning but the doctors tell us that's to be expected, he's still recovering and medications continue to need adjustments.  There have been no episodes of conversion disorder seizures though for 21 days now, the tremors and jumping are fading daily.  So much has to do with his frame of mind.  If you are his friend, were his friend, continue to be his friend, you are so important for him now.  He doesn't want to bother you or be a burden, he's insecure in ways he's never been.  He needs his friends, its hard because for so long we turned  you away when he wasn't ready but now I'm asking.  Call him, text him, tweet him, talk to him, be his friend again.  Along with your prayers, its the most important thing we can ask you to do.  

    Hebrews 11:1 NIV
    Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.

  • "Its time for an update."

    Written Apr 8, 2014 7:49pm

    My friend Debby sends me messages when its been too long since I've updated.  Things change so little now that it seems there just isn't much to report.  Days pass quickly when we think of the time that feels lost to this disease, but we remain grateful that Matthew is recovering so well, even if its slow.

    Matthew has begun working with a training coach recently.  She is remarkable.  The difference in his mindset with her, verses therapy, is huge.  We are trying to wire him to think of himself and an athlete rehabing from an injury now, instead of whatever else he's had in his head.  He's begun to stand more, to take more steps supported without a "machine" to help, but just leaning on Dad a bit.  Matthew tires easily but yearns to be out with his friends instead of stuck in our social circle, I can't blame him.  So many of his friends are ball players and athletes, they are busy with baseball; and sadly, after more than 14 months, some seem to have forgotten him.  We can't blame them at all, I'm not sure Matt would be any different if the roles were reversed.  Yet, he perciviers.  

    6 more weeks of school for him and then summer begins.  We'll be trying to finish up his online school work.  He'll enter Rancho in August as a junior finally, prayerfully on his feet.  Joe has come across a few exciting job opportunities and is in the process of trying to re-enter the work force.  We're excited about that, it will mean big changes for our family. Good changes for us.  Please continue to keep us in your prayers and let us know how we can pray for you as well.  We thank you for your continued support and love for us, we couldn't do this without so many of you helping us.
  • March 26, days keep coming

    Written Mar 26, 2014 9:25pm

    Last week was great!  Matthew, Tiffany, Joe and I were able to get away and visit spring training in Arizona for a few days.  We managed to squeeze in 5 baseball games in 5 different parks!  Surprise was probably our favorite, all the parks are great and people are friendly but at that one Matthew met Rolly Fingers and was gifted with a signed photo and baseball.  We stayed in a very reasonable motel but it had a lift for the pool and Matthew was able to get in recreationally for the first time since he's been sick.  When he began coming out of the coma he talked about swimming and getting our own pool again all the time.  It was wonderful to see him enjoy the water outside of "therapy" and he did give swimming a try.  He wasn't able to take off like the fish he had been but he did build a little confidence I think.

    Since we've been home I've been trying to give Joe a break and take care of being Matthew's personal assistant on my extra week of spring break.  Its reminded me what a completely incredible man I am married to.  Matthew is terrific and the bravest person I know, but getting him going, and motivating him in the mornings is a struggle.  

    The trauma Matthew suffered is still contributing to his CD (Conversion Disorder) and Kaiser still insists they know best about how to treat him (even though they didn't properly diagnose him).  That leaves Matthew in his wheel chair feeling like the world is passing him by.  On my weak days he encourages me and reminds me God isn't finished with him yet, but he will get there.  In his own weak moments I try to find words, we pray and share scripture but I fall so short so often.  We continue to pray for his complete restoration and are confident that in God's time we will see Matthew back on his feet and he'll be running the bases on his own.

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