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Happy Thanksgiving! We spent the morning at the NICU Thanksgiving meal for the second year in a row. And this year, Matthew was able to join us. He was a little suspicious at first, but had lots of smiles for all the nurses and doctors, so he must realize how special they all are to us. Also this year, our NICU Foundation was able to play an even greater role in the event. Plus, about 20 families of former NICU babies helped to prepare and serve the meal to about 50 current NICU families. Although the holidays can be a very lonely and difficult time in the hospital, our NICU was full of smiles, hugs and gratefulness this morning! It was so special!


Now onto Matthew. . . Again, this year we have SO much for which to be thankful. At his last developmental pediatrician appointment, we were told he is cognitively "normal" for his actual age (which was 16 months at the time), and had normal motor skills for his adjusted age (12 months at the time). Now, at 19 months old, he is WALKING, so he is definitely catching up on motor skills! He is pretty stubborn about his walking - and he still tries to crawl a lot.  But at least we know he CAN walk, which is just amazing. A year and a half ago, we were told Matthew may not live, and if he did live, he may not walk, talk, see, hear, eat, etc. So to see him walking across the room, yelling our names and keeping up with his brothers - the boy just makes me constantly giddy. We are crossing our fingers that we are as successful in getting through this coming RSV/flu season as we were through last season, but otherwise - we have no causes for concern. He's definitely my miracle.


Matthew also is settling into his new role as "big brother."  I've added a picture of him and Grace, where he's clearly explaining something very important to her. When he is not ignoring her, he likes to hold her hands (like a good big brother) or poke her in the face (like a rotten big brother). So, we are having a lot of fun, we're trying to get a little sleep, and we're just very, very thankful. 


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!