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Matt’s Story

Early Sunday morning around 12am Matthew was at his home alone in Grand Forks ND right off of the UND campus. We are unsure on how the fire started but there were very few flames and mostly just very heavy smoke. The timeline of events and all that happened when Matt was alone is very foggy but we know that when Ryan Nelson returned home around 2:40am he could see the smoke in the windows and immediately ran to the back of house where Matt's room is and broke the window by throwing a brick, Ryan climbed inside but when he couldn't find Matt on his bed he didn't give up. Ryan climbed back out the window and went back to the front door forcing his way through the heavy smoke on his hands and knees and searched for Matt until he finally found him. Ryan carried Matt out of the house and when he realized there was no heart beat, he gave Matt CPR and mouth to mouth until he got his heart to start beating again. When the two boys got to the hospital in Grand Forks Matt went into cardiac arrest again. After this, Matt was immediately transported by air to the Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis for the best care the mid west can offer. Since he's been in Minneapolis he has been in the hyperbaric chamber to get the CO2 out of his lungs. And ever since that he's been in the medical ICU fighting for his life. We appreciate the love and support from all of you more than you know. All we ask is that you don't stop praying because we all know Matt won't stop fighting.

Jared Cheryl and Casey

Latest Journal Update

Everyone is invited

In honor of Matt's choice to give the gift of life through donating his organs to save the lives of over 60 people, there will be a flag raising ceremony at 4pm today at Hennepin County Medical Center on the corner of 6th street and Park Ave. We would love to see you all here to help us celebrate Matt's giving heart.
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Nancy Mercer
By Nancy Mercer
Peggy Jensen
Neighbors across the way. You don't know us, but I heard through Jane Lasko whose son knew your son Matt. My heart breaks for you. Our prayers are for your family to find comfort and peace. Peggy and Jim Jensen - Ikaria Ct.
Mary Kiwus Wiseman
By Mary Wiseman — last edited
Matt and you are all so amazing! Sorry I couldn't be there to show my support - but everyone of us, your family and friends, are praying love over you and supporting you all!
Cindy Erickson
By Cindy Erickson
WOW, I will be with you in my heart for I can think of nothing else.
Linda Weisser Miller
By Linda Weisser Miller
What a wonderful way to celebrate Matt's life. Wish I could be there. Keeping you close in heart.
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