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Oh boy, it's been a while.  I know many of you are wondering how we've all been getting by, what we are up to, how does one truly survive the death of a child.. Well, Mason's death has hit all of us hard.  Some of his family members have grown closer, others have lost touch.  It's truly sad when family separates after such a tragic event and I know he'd never want that, but such is life.  I miss him more everyday, but I feel him with me.  I cope the best way I know how and some day's are extremely hard to face.  We did get through Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Mason's first bday and every other holiday that passed.  I have to admit, the hardest of all was mother's day for me.  I saw son's everywhere with their mom's at dinner or out and about and knew I will never have that with my son.  I felt sorry for me, which if you know me you know that's something very very rare for me to feel.  Monica is doing okay, she's your typical teenage girl.  She does miss her brother tremendously and holds a lot of her pain in, but she also has been able to bond with her other brother Parker who will be 2 next month.  Parker was just a little baby when Mason was sick and passing, but he knew who his brother was and when Parker's mom would bring him to visit Mason, boy did that light up his day.  Monica is enjoying that he's older now and how much affection he shows her.  She did get her very first job, not working many hours this summer yet, but she's working at a VETSS which is a local veterinarian hospital. It's off airport Rd and if you have animals, you should be bringing them there.. :) 
I have been working my full time job, building my marketing business and also working for an event company to expand my network and get into to concerts and football games free.. :)  It keeps me busy, but I've also been heavily involved with raising funding and awareness for neuroblastoma and other childhood cancers through the Ishan Gala Foundation.  This year, they have appointed me event coordinator for the annual Splash for a Cure event which will be on Sat. August 11, 2012 from 5pm-9pm.  Please come see us at ACAC Waterpark, it's going to be unforgettable. You can see more information about it at and you can purchase tickets @

So, as many of you know already, but some may not, my dear friend Cathy Regan lost our precious Ryan Regan early February of this year.  I knew he had taken a turn for the worse and took leave from work, Jim and I hopped on a plane Sat. February 4th to go say our goodbyes.  As we sat in our seats for a 5am flight, I received a text at 443am stating Ryan had become an angel at 435am.  It broke my heart to not say goodbye to him before he departed.  Ryan and Mason were so close, I just knew Mason was watching over him, but when he passed before I got there I felt both saddened and relieved.  I am not sure I could have handled watching another child I loved so dearly suffer to their death from neuroblastoma.  Some part of me believes that Mason was there coaching him saying it's okay Ry, come with me.  My mommy is coming and can't be here for this and your mommy can't handle watching you suffer anymore.  They are both at peace, but their families are left behind to suffer the loss and agony of not having them in the physical each and every day.  I love Ryan like my own and after Mason passed it was so difficult to ride that rollercoaster with his treatments, getting better, getting worse, fighting to find treatments.  I did it though for him, for his mommy, for their family and for myself. I was honored to help with funeral arrangements and a huge celebration of life party for him, as well as prepare and read a eulogy for him at his service.  A part of me had to be involved in it because I no longer had that with Mason and I had been there through Ryan's battle the past 6 years with them.  On a happier note, Ryan wanted a baby sister so badly prior to passing.  His mommy did get news that she was pregnant before he passed and he was elated, although he insisted it would be a girl.  The baby was born last Sat, July 14th. She delivered a healthy, beautiful baby boy and named him Nicholas Ryan.  I wish I were there for her through that, but time did not permit.  Jim's sister Megan also delivered a beautiful healthy baby boy that day and named him Grant Benjamin.  We were so ecstatic for both births, Grant made Jim an uncle. He is very excited to teach Grant everything he knows, but we won't allow him to teach him EVERYTHING.. :) 

So much has happened since I last updated, but those are the highlights.  I know I'm missing a lot, but will promise to update regularly for everyone.  In brief, there is life after death, there is a special presence of my baby boy with me everyday and although sometimes I feel like the world is ending without him, it doesn't.  I have gotten through the past 13 months and I will continue to get through the rest of my life without him in the present, but it won't be easy.  Continuing his fight, in his honor, for other children keeps me alive, my beautiful 16 year old daughter keeps me alive and my loving boyfriend, family and friends do as well. As the old saying goes, during times of need it's the people you least expected to be there that will lift you up and those you expected to be there will disappear. 
This held true for me and was very shocking in many cases, but I know who my loving, true friends and family are now.

Please keep our dear friend's in your prayers as they are local, fighting osteosarcoma and having a difficult time right now.  Alyssa Divers is a local hero to many of us and she is a sweet, innocent 10 year old girl who doesn't deserve any of the pain and suffering she is experiencing from this nasty beast.  We love you Divers family, stay strong. 

Also, a little sweet child named Sadie Ritter who graciously interviewed with our local news back in December when I did a toy drive in Mason's honor for the children on the inpatient unit at UVA is losing her battle to neuroblastoma.  She and her family really need our prayers right now as well. 

With love prayers and hugs to all our warriors, angel warriors, family and friends.