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It's not funny to trick us

As the family gathers in the hospital (which is a new location and beautiful btw), we anxiously await for my sister in law Holly to be taken to the OR. She is all prepped and ready for surgery (maybe not really ready, but prepped and she's going regardless).  The Dr. enters the room and asked all family members but her husband (my brother Kyle) to leave the room.  He wanted to perform an internal exam, as well as an ultrasound to ensure the baby was still breech.  We entered back into the room as we saw the Dr. had exited and my sister in law said "we're going home now".  The baby had flipped to the natural head down position, so now we wait for her to go in labor.  She is experiencing some contractions, but I don't think full blown labor yet, hey who knows maybe it will be the 27th as Mason predicted.  We will wait and see, I will keep everyone updated.

Last night I had a dream that was so real I can't stop thinking about it.  Mason and I were at the Ronald McDonald House in NYC, just us there without Jim.  Cathy and Ryan were there too.  Ryan was going back and forth to the hospital each day for treatments, Mason was fine, but he said to me in the dream when I asked "what are we doing here, you're fine", "mom, we are here for Ryan".  I swear that has to be a sign that my little angel is watching over his special little NB warrior.  They were so close and I will never forget Mason making Ryan grilled cheeses, ramen noodles, mac and cheese, always worrying about Ryan getting food but never worried about himself eating.  That was my job.  :)  He was such a giving and caring child, just like Ryan is. Please keep little Liam and Ryan in your prayers still. 

PS. I finally reached my goal of 1,000 dollars (the money we raise goes to help families like Ryan.  He is personally benefiting from funds we have assisted in raising through the Ishan Gala Foundation in the past). He is the 2nd child on a study with Dr. Sholler in Michigan that is personalized medicine. They biopsied his tumor, injected it into rats in a lab and then treated the rats with different chemotherapy agents.  I am very pleased to say Ryan is now on a chemotherapy which does not require him to stay inpatient and he has time at home.  The chemo he is on was determined by the way the rats reacted to the agents.  Please keep praying this works, but all the money you have donated and sponsored me in the run with goes towards this type of research.  This particular Dr. and Ryan personally benefits from it, as well as so many other children. 

On that note, I would like to continue to raise funds for these children.  I have met my goal, but it doesn't mean I can't go above and beyond, so if you want to sponsor me go, please be my guest.  My boyfriend James O'Brien is still working towards his goal of $1,000 and could use your help right now to get there.  He's working out of town lately and doesn't have a whole lot of time to promote the run or need of sponsorship.  His webpage to sponsor him in the marathon is

With love and prayers to all our fellow angels, warriors, family and friends.