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My angel is sending us a blessing tomorrow

Hi baby boy,

Everyday I miss you, but more so today and tomorrow and during times like these when something big is happening in our family and we need you here with us.  As you know already, Liam is coming tomorrow.  I know you've been enjoying him up there, but it's time he meet us now and boy is he ready, so is your aunt Holly.  Maybe not so much uncle Kowie because he's under the pressure with the nursery and all those dad things men procrastinate at times.. :)  It will all be perfect for his homecoming though.  I write today to tell you how deeply saddened I am I won't be able to bring you the hospital tomorrow and take pictures of you holding your new baby cousin.  The same happened when Aunt Eva and uncle Randolph had Skyler on July 26th.  It broke my heart you weren't there, but your other cousin's Hayley, Randall and Riley kept me pretty occupied during that time luckily.  Randall, Hayley and Parker came with us to Kings Dominion that week, it was hard there without you this year.  I remember last year when Jim and I took you and Parker and this year was so different, still fun, I know you were there in spirit.  You were always the brave one ready to ride all the scary roller coasters. I bet Liam will be like that.  We will be filled with some joy from this baby and already know what a blessing he is and will continue to be to our family, but the sorrow of losing you is still there. If there's anything you can do from above to lessen that sorrow for us, that would be wonderful because it hurts so darn bad without you.  Ryan is doing better, I know you're playing a part. There is treatment and a plan in place and this is what we all need.  The hope, the power, the miracle and Ryan here with us.  :) 

So tomorrow is the big day, I ask that you partake in watching over all of us as aunt Holly goes under for her first surgery ever to deliver our precious boy.  He not only will carry the name you gave him and shared with him, but I hope he carries your strength and wisdom too.  This child will know who his big cousin is and we will be sure of it.  He will love you, miss you, look up to you and consider you his hero like we all do.  Be there with us tomorrow, especially aunt Holly, Unlce Kowie and Liam. 


I love you baby boy to infinity and beyond.