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Just a cute update from earlier post

As I was told by a good friend of mine who can hear Mason speak to her, Marybeth, Mason predicted his little cousin would be here on the 27th of this month.  Since my sis in law is due on the 30th of the month and it's her first child we didn't really buy into that date.  The ultrasound she had today showed our little Liam is breech.  They decided to perform a c section and called her to see if Sept 27th would be okay to schedule it. I thought that was great.  :)  Since then though the Dr. decided he'd rather deliver the baby earlier than that since she will be 39 weeks next week and he doesn't want to chance her placenta rupturing, so I will once again be an aunt this Friday, Sept. 23rd.  Please pray for a safe delivery of our precious addition to the family.  Like I've mentioned in prior posts, this is bitter sweet for us.  We love this baby tremendously already but we regret Mason is not here for the experience and he will grow up without Mason.  :(  I know Mason is in our hearts and stands by our side daily and don't doubt he isn't doing the same for the precious baby he named himself, after himself, Liam Clark Kassay.  I will update more and post pics as soon as our bundle of joy arrives..

On a good note as well, Mason once again helped guide Cathy and Ryan.  Ryan's labs showed his bilirubin is even lower than Friday's labs and it does meet the requirements for the personalized medicine study, so he will be starting chemo again this Thursday.  Thank you Jesus for all the answered prayers today.. :)  We love you Ryan, hang tight baby boy.  I know the pain is unbearable but you have a chance to kick NB butt again, so take it and kick it. 


Please also help Jim and I meet our goals for our run in the marathon.  We need your support with this cause. It's to honor Mason and all the other little warriors and angels fighting neuroblastoma.