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Mason’s Story

Mason Ellsworth suffered a trumatic brain injury in a car accident on July 23rd, 2008. He has come home a year after the accident. If you would like to make donations to help Mason's family w/ expenses, make checks payable to: The Ellsworth Family Fund, send to: Jefferson Security Bank, PO Box 35 Shepherdstown, WV 25443 contact Brian and Sylvia: ellsworthmusic@aol.com or face book Sylvia

Mason is pretty much the coolest kid ever. He's kinda hard to not like. Only sometimes he's a little crazy. And doesn't make much sense. And sometimes his speech is incoherent. But that's why he's Mason.

mason. equals. bananas. pistachiopudding. japan. bassoon. hat. curls. radiohead. socks. sideburns. susanfromnarnia. lips. thriftstorekid. guitar. and drums. at the same time. awesometeeth. can't dance. finger game. thumb game. who's hotter. dinos. no kats. tell me a secret. kurt vonnegut. tie your shoes. wemon. crazy drawings. typewriter. purple! suspenders. piggieback rides. nonsensical. butter. jokes. artwork. music. scribbles. incoherent handwriting slash babble. huge feet. wants to play you a song! bad knees. supergangly. white reeboks with blue stripes. haruki murakami. pretends he can't swim. don quixote. potato famine. look-alike girlfriend. blue eyes. broken nose. and bacon-don't forget bacon. stick. freckles. can't sit indian style. that hoodie. anal about his nails. roberto carlos. r. crumb. likes his knuckles. michael michael motorcycle.

Latest Journal Update

Mason's Utah Adventure: Part Three

Our lodging is really sweet. We are two minutes from Neuroworx and 17 mins from Univ.Of Utah. Where  Mason has speech and occupational therapy . At (The U) we looked for weeks for an ADA house, apt,condo... Anything! Either the landlords wouldn't do short term or it wasn't possible to get the wheelchair into the bathroom. ADA accessible can mean many different things.

 So here we are at Hyatt House in Sandy, surrounded by mountains and smiling faces. These are fabulous people here and are truly very  nice and very  helpful. It has snowed a little, maybe 3" ( not like back home!)and it's windy but it's well worth our efforts to be here. Every afternoon, Elizabeth , the evening manager, insists that I leave Mason with her in the lobby so I can run errands. Not kidding. Around the corner is Ocean Mart which is the largest Asian market I have ever been in. The ginger and Chinese eggplant are so fresh you want bundle them up and ship them to Stown.! You know what else is the biggest I've ever seen? Their thrift stores!!! Yup! So far we have seen, Steve Parker, Tony Russo, Bert wright, Brian, Melissa, Nancy and Barbara Bryniarski, Ore and Lauren Tucker , Anna Joliffe,and  tomorrow we expect Elaine and then Bridget, Brian and Bill. Maybe Mel and Gary.Whew!
This is our fourth week and today Mason did pretty well at balancing himself and stoodin the standing frame for about 45 mins. He is tired but responding positively. Today we are off to Ot and speech.
Sadly Melissa and Nancy will be gone by then . It s been great going to the aquarium, salt lake, Wasatch (name of the mountain range here) brewery with Mason and ourpeeps. As things look now, Mase and I will be flying back Feb 24 and Brian and Bill will drive the van back home. However, things have a way of changing every time the iPad "tings".


2 Comentarios

Linda Shea
Bravo Mason!!! I can't wait to see & hear all that you've accomplished. But in the mean time, keep up the good work. I see you are podium bound, but stand-up comedy suits you more. Remember that beach trip with Linzi, Wes, Hannah and Andrea? I've never laughed so hard--you're a natural. Love to you and yours.
Annie Wisecarver
By Annie 'Ellsworth'
Look at that upstanding young man!! Wow! So proud of all of you and miss you so. Love and hugs and magic and some more love. Ciao, ciao Mase *a kiss on each cheek*