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Mason’s Story

Mason Ellsworth suffered a trumatic brain injury in a car accident on July 23rd, 2008. He has come home a year after the accident. If you would like to make donations to help Mason's family w/ expenses, make checks payable to: The Ellsworth Family Fund, send to: Jefferson Security Bank, PO Box 35 Shepherdstown, WV 25443 contact Brian and Sylvia: ellsworthmusic@aol.com or face book Sylvia

Mason is pretty much the coolest kid ever. He's kinda hard to not like. Only sometimes he's a little crazy. And doesn't make much sense. And sometimes his speech is incoherent. But that's why he's Mason.

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Latest Journal Update

Already Summer

I posted last at the end of March. It was quite a winter for us as well as every body else. See, we did make it to the end of June with out a snow storm. 
Every time Sylvia left PA to come home from Bryn Mawr, she and Mason were driving head on into another snowstorm.
Things are fine with Mason. We have been discontinued for any further therapy however, and so frustrating since so much progress was made during the 13 weeks up to BMRH. We do what we can at home. 
I wanted to replicate the pedaling machine at BMRH. Mason really was doing well with both legs. We tried to think of how to make this happen, since logistically things are complicated. He can't sit on a cycle machine, and most exercise machines are to big to get near the wheelchair.
So, at 3:00 in the morning , during an insomnia night, I saw an advertisement on t.v. The "Sit n' Cycle"!
Man, I thought this is the answer. After waking up later on in the morning, I thought, "was that real? or was that........?"
That is what the Internet is for. Hot dog! There it was, "As seen on TV!" Wasn't any three thousand dollars either like other medical equipment, so I ordered it. This thing actually will work. I'll try to post a photo of it.
We lost our helper, Patty, since school let out. She had her 7 year old triplets to keep an eye on. That's right, triplets!
We now have Amanda for the summer. She's fabulous and Mason likes her, of course.
The big event for Mason was in May when he attended the "Bruce McCoy Brain Injury Camp in Chesapeake, Va. And a big event for the mom and dad. There were forty campers and a dozen or so counselors. The campers were all adults of varying levels of injury. We left Mason at the camp for a week! Sylvia only talked to somebody at the camp one time. That was only because one of the counselors mistook one of my bags for Mason's, so I was with out what I packed for 4 days, oh well. Even when Mason had his tune up stays at BMRH, Sylvia would call once in the morning and once at night. 
Mason slept in the "Ranch" dormitory with 8 other campers, he also had an attendant with him all of the time. Brendon. Awsome people at the camp!
We were a little apprehensive, but it turns out Mason was "the life of the party" it turns out.
Big surprise. He killed it on Karaoke night and taught the fellow campers and counselors "Country Roads". I think Sylvia has figured out how to work in the kitchen under an assumed name next year, since the care givers are supposed to "turn and burn."
We had a great send off party for one of Mason's good friends, (he has many) Kevin is one of his best!
Kevin joined the Naeaevy!. Many friends and Tom Wilt's band wast there, except guitar player blew his amp out after the first two tunes. 
Please go to this link for hosts for hospitals. They have videos up of Mason and the interviews that were done with me, Sylvia and our host family, the Edmonds. Very nicely done tell our story.
Lastly and most sadly, our good friend Heather passed away suddenly June 30. She and her mom, Regina own and run Betty's restaurant in Shepherdstown.  A young family is left behind and very sad community. Betty's (Heather and Regina) and  held the very first fundraiser for Mason soon after the accident. It was a restaurant Mason loved to go to eat bacon. Heather was the one being bailed out of jail by auction, and then they tried to get her back in, 'cause she wouldn't stop sassin' everybody.
There is the article about that fundraiser on the Host for hospital website.
I've posted a couple new photos from camp as well.
Love and Peace To All!
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Jim Pommier

Jim Pommier
Hey, Mason and great attitudinous family, I'm wishing you
great cheer and joy for the Christmas holidays.
Jim Pommier
By Jim
All in Mason's family and circle of friends enjoy a great chunk of turkey, dressing and everything.

God bless you all,
Happy Thanksgiving! [:~D]
Nancy Cole
By — last edited
Just watched the video of Mason singing Country Roads and Eight Days a week. He did a GREAT job! The Country Roads one brought tears to my eyes - singing about West Virginia. :-)
Glad he enjoyed the camp.
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