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Mason’s Story

Mason Ellsworth suffered a trumatic brain injury in a car accident on July 23rd, 2008. He has come home a year after the accident. If you would like to make donations to help Mason's family w/ expenses, make checks payable to: The Ellsworth Family Fund, send to: Jefferson Security Bank, PO Box 35 Shepherdstown, WV 25443 contact Brian and Sylvia: ellsworthmusic@aol.com or face book Sylvia

Mason is pretty much the coolest kid ever. He's kinda hard to not like. Only sometimes he's a little crazy. And doesn't make much sense. And sometimes his speech is incoherent. But that's why he's Mason.

mason. equals. bananas. pistachiopudding. japan. bassoon. hat. curls. radiohead. socks. sideburns. susanfromnarnia. lips. thriftstorekid. guitar. and drums. at the same time. awesometeeth. can't dance. finger game. thumb game. who's hotter. dinos. no kats. tell me a secret. kurt vonnegut. tie your shoes. wemon. crazy drawings. typewriter. purple! suspenders. piggieback rides. nonsensical. butter. jokes. artwork. music. scribbles. incoherent handwriting slash babble. huge feet. wants to play you a song! bad knees. supergangly. white reeboks with blue stripes. haruki murakami. pretends he can't swim. don quixote. potato famine. look-alike girlfriend. blue eyes. broken nose. and bacon-don't forget bacon. stick. freckles. can't sit indian style. that hoodie. anal about his nails. roberto carlos. r. crumb. likes his knuckles. michael michael motorcycle.

Latest Journal Update

Back in Action. Utah or Bust!

Good news, I have finally figured out how to get back into this site. New passwords, email, username etc, etc, etc……….

Over a year since I last updated, so I’ll try to be a little organized on the updates for Mason.

I’ll touch the high spots and talk about current events andmoving forward with Mason.

Sacco, Maybelle and Granma are still in charge. Mason hasnot been hospitalized in over 18 months for ANYTHING! That’s big news since he was so susceptible to bugs that would turn into pneumonia the past 7 years.  Yes 7 years and Mason is still workinghard and getting better and better every day. He also just turned 26 in October!We had a cheesecake birthday party at The Town Run Brewery. That was a highcaloric event but well worth it!

Sylvia takes Mason out into town on Sundays for the market,walks outside (vitamin D) often with help from Bert who has been Mason’s caregiver for over a year now. He goes to physical therapy twice a week. We use the standing frame as often as possible. It takes two people for that operation.  Lisa Lafferty and Dr.Dave Miljour continue to work on and with Mason on physical improvements. He’s been to concerts, taking vocal lessons from my vocal instructor, Andrea. They seem to get things done, even though I hear lots of laughing going on it that studio. Mason will be on the recital this weekend,singing Eight Days A Week, accompanied by Pat Lowry.

The Noels come most every week, playing games, arts and crafts and just plain fun! The Tuckers come most Saturdays and Jeannie works with Mason on on his cognitive skills. Reading, (his reading ability is so much more improved) comprehension exercises are a big part of how much better Mason’s communication skills are. He is initiating conversations, not only speaking in longer phrases, but actual sentences.   I had 2 church gigs last Sunday and as I was leaving I told Mason that I had to go to church twice that morning, He says,” Hallelujah!” Sense of humor is totally intact

At the end of May,Mason attended the Bruce McCoy Brain Injury camp in Chesapeake, Virginia for the second year. A fantastic place and experience for him. We dropped him off, or “turned and burned” and came back on Friday to see their last night “skits” around the camp fire. Hilarious!

The big news going forward is we are taking Mason to Utah! Why Utah? Sylvia has been looking for more therapy, more resources, and equipment. Anything to move Mason further along in his recovery.

Nothing in Philadelphia, New York, Washington, D.C.  Atlanta, Georgia and Galveston. Galveston?Yes there was something in Galveston, Texas but it just got whacked by ahurricane, not going there.

What’s in Utah? A facility called Neuro Worx. We were turned on to this place by our friends at Pivot Physical Therapy. Sylvia and the therapist talked to the director, Jan Black, told her about Mason and history. She is very excited to have Mason in their outpatient program.

When/: He will be admitted to the outpatient program,January 4th.

Logistics are: Mason and Sylvia will have to either fly or take that road trip in the Van that Mason keeps talking about. If he flies,commercial airlines don’t have adequate accommodations for somebody like Mason.That’s a surprise! I say sarcastically.

 I would drive the van out ahead of time with his stuff, locate where they would live for the next 5 weeks and make sure they have a good landing. If we all drive together, it is a 4 to 5 day road trip, across the heart of the United States in the middle of winter. Now that’s  a road trip!

We are anticipating paying or portions of the visits, living expenses and traveling too. Some fundraising will have to be done, but no matter what, this is going to happen.

Somebody asked me, “How did Sylvia get Mason in this program so far away?" Guess they don’t know Sylvia very well.

Love and Peace to ALL!

P.S. I have posted more recent photos as well.


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Jim Pommier
Wishing you and your family the most fulfilling Thanksgiving in 2015 that you've enjoyed in years.

Santa Ana, CA
Jim Pommier
P.S. In case you were wondering how I got to your site from out here in CA, Mason and family, I was watching the Shepherdstown eagle nest on.line and participating in the blog. Some of the nice ladies on the blog posted the news and info on this site and another to light candles....

I'm sure we are all happy that you are improving so well. Keep it up, Mason.

Jim Pommier
Santa Ana, CA
Jim Pommier
Mason...and your great family and caregivers--
It's very mucho best to see you on this site again, and it's inspirational to see how hard you have been working and how much progress you've made.

GOD love you and inspire you and support you in all you do in life from now on.

Jim Pommier
Santa Ana, California
Tammy Johnston
By Tamantha
That's all so very exciting!!!!! xoxo
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