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Now it is already spring. I say" in name only", since I haven't seen spring "like" stuff around at all. 
Sylvia and Mason are pulled over on the side of the road right now waiting for the ice to to stop on their way back to Bryn Mawr. 
The last post I wrote was after the first of the year and the weather was well......all that January weather should be. Snowy, cold, and dark. Wait a minute! That sounds like today. 
 This will be the tenth trip since the 2nd week of January, up to PA, but give or take a week or two because of a snowstorm here and there and ice and things, now and then. 
Sylvia and I are pretty sure she has traveled in lousy weather either going up or coming back, say 10 out of 12 trips. Today is no exception and why should it be? If the universe wants to challenge Sylvia and Mason to see what they are made of, go for it. 
For  example: I usually drive my truck to an Amtrak stop in Midtown, Pennsylvania, hop in the van and drive us the rest of the way to our host's house. I leave PA a day early for work and ride the train back to Midtown to pick up my truck.(thankfully the truck is there and in tact), so Syl and Mase have been in Bryn Mawr 4 days. Being a guest in our host;'s home and the physical effort of the day's routines, they are so ready to get back to Shep town. 
 I believe the East coast was getting a prediction of a snowmageddon coupled with the "polar vortex" on that Wednesday. I'm watching the usual cycle of weather reports, 20' of snow, 150 miles per hour winds blanketing the whole east coast etc etc, the usual dire predictions. 
The snow started in Shepherdstown around 4:00 in the morning with a fair covering of snow by 8:00am. 
  I call Sylvia and I say "Sylvia, there is a snow storm headed up north your way, you should think about leaving", not to be told what to do, she says," oh, I'll think about it." 
 I'm thinking, "how can I get her to think it's her idea to leave?" Which means canceling the afternoon therapy and head home. No good answer for that, never has been. 
So I say to myself, "self, give it an hour or so, get some more weather reports under my belt and call her back." I call her back in an hour," Honey, you should reeeelly think about leaving now, or stay, because it's coming." 
She says," Well, we are going to cancel the 2:00pm therapy and leave at 1:00"  I say, " You don't understand. This is a blizzard and it's heading right up your route. It's already covered us  and it's not stopping." She says, "It's okay here, I don't see anything." Where is the weather channel when you need them? 
I think Sylvia finally talked to our friends at the hospital and they said, if you going leave, get out of Philly now! 
So she did. She did run into a white out wall of windy, nasty snowy stuff. Doesn't matter, Sylvia wants to get home and home she got to, no matter what the universe threw at her.  
That's pretty much the way she rolls.  "You can push me back a some, but we'll keep on going forward no matter what!" 

This has been a most valuable and productive run of therapy for Mason. In this 12 week period we think Mason has made as much progress as in the last 2 years. The therapists are amazing! Natalie, Ann and Laura have all found a path to reach Mason, gain his trust and getting him to work. It is hard work to in those therapy's. I'm worn out and I just watch. He still in control of the entertainment in the rehab, room but does make great efforts at doing what they ask. The neuro rehab staff bought one of Mason's art ability paintings and it is hanging in the therapy room! 
Our family meetings with the staff,therapists and case workers have been the most positive ever. This is good for Mom and Dad, we need that encouragement too! 
Speech therapist Laura, is with Mason  working on more comprehensive activities designed to help him to become more independent. Math, immediate and long term recall skills, puzzles and then home work we take with us once back in STown.  
The physical therapy has a more intense approach than before. Getting more voluntary movement out of his right. Leg, arm and hand, lots of standing and working on a rotating pedal machine with both legs. 
Mason received shots to relax the tightened muscles in his thigh, arm, wrist and shoulder to enable more range of motion, but they only used two of the seven since his range had increased so much over the last 10 weeks. Occupational overlaps with physical a little, but they are able to work more independently now.  
Sylvia and Mason had a great meeting with Dr.Long who was very impressed with Mason's progress, from this round of therapy and from when he was first admitted to Bryn Mawr.If Dr.Long is happy, everybody is happy. 
 Lisa came up for an overnight to get some training from the therapists and Elaine did a stint as well. This will go a long way in continuing the work once Mason is home. This round ends on April 9th. :(  
But they want him back when we can get the insurance company on board for a new benefit period. 
This summer we hope to get Mason into a summer session(6 days?) at "camp" for TBI individuals.  
I think it is called the "Bruce McCoy Camp" created in his name by his parents to help families of and the TBI person. 
We are to leave him there and we are supposed to split, turn and burn, make tracks, get out of the way in other words. 
We'll see about that. 
During the partial week at home Mason has started piano lessons with Jenny Anderson> She has lots of ideas and is eager to work with Mason and they coming along quite well. . 
In the midst of all this, we had a scotch tasting, I sent Syl to New Orleans, we had 3 or 4 snow storms, Bridget has been to visit up there and home, Melissa came home as well to help me when Sylvia and her friend Nancy  from California, were tearing up "NOLA". 
Love and Peace to ALL!
P.S. We ar staying in a second Host's home and very thankful for the hospitality shown us by The Edmonds and our new host. We would not have been able to sustain these visits with out their generousity. 
A great orginazation. And, the Hospital Hosts" are doing a film of  the host family and us. I've been filmed and interviewed, some BMRH staff and Sylvia and Mason are  next!