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Mason’s Story

Mason Ellsworth suffered a trumatic brain injury in a car accident on July 23rd, 2008. He has come home a year after the accident. If you would like to make donations to help Mason's family w/ expenses, make checks payable to: The Ellsworth Family Fund, send to: Jefferson Security Bank, PO Box 35 Shepherdstown, WV 25443 contact Brian and Sylvia: or face book Sylvia

Mason is pretty much the coolest kid ever. He's kinda hard to not like. Only sometimes he's a little crazy. And doesn't make much sense. And sometimes his speech is incoherent. But that's why he's Mason.

mason. equals. bananas. pistachiopudding. japan. bassoon. hat. curls. radiohead. socks. sideburns. susanfromnarnia. lips. thriftstorekid. guitar. and drums. at the same time. awesometeeth. can't dance. finger game. thumb game. who's hotter. dinos. no kats. tell me a secret. kurt vonnegut. tie your shoes. wemon. crazy drawings. typewriter. purple! suspenders. piggieback rides. nonsensical. butter. jokes. artwork. music. scribbles. incoherent handwriting slash babble. huge feet. wants to play you a song! bad knees. supergangly. white reeboks with blue stripes. haruki murakami. pretends he can't swim. don quixote. potato famine. look-alike girlfriend. blue eyes. broken nose. and bacon-don't forget bacon. stick. freckles. can't sit indian style. that hoodie. anal about his nails. roberto carlos. r. crumb. likes his knuckles. michael michael motorcycle.

Latest Journal Update

Utah, Page Four

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1:33 PM (20 hours ago)
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So far in the crock pot and foreman grill and cook books from the amazing thrifts, we have enjoyed braised chipotle beef, middle eastern eggplant stew ,Indian apricot chicken soup,chicken provençal, coq au vin, curried chicken and coconut soup, scallion and mushroom soup,gumbo, mulligatawny soup, stir fry, pot stickers and ferro beans and rice. Yummy!
Update on OT, Mason can partially dress and undress, partially self shave and sit unassisted for several minutes while reaching for objects.However the most exciting part is he is using his thumb and right forefinger to pinch treats and  put them in his mouth !!!
Speech therapy is going very well too. Our gal is from WV and laughs at all of Masons silly jokes and flirtatious! And... She gets him to work very hard on speaking more clearly, slowing down and annunciating.she is also teaching him more uses for the ipad. He can now call me thru Siri if I am not in the room. All kinds of homework, like restructuring sentences and phrases. I remember just getting thru salt and ? Or red, white and ?
Physical therapy at Neurowox is going very well, they work him extremely hard on machines and stretches. He is asleep by eight. We are having serious issues with the wheelchair, brakes not gripping, nuts and bolts falling out, the back isn't resting straight anymore... Very frustrating trying to get repairs in a state that does not handle out of state benefits. Things need to change!
Today Mason is getting a trim and shave from a friends daughter, then Elaine, Mase and I are off to Antelope island in the great Salt Lake. We love Utah and all these great folk.
Love and Peace from Sandy!
P.S. Stay tuned we are ,most likely on our last chapter here in Utah.