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My Story

Mason Ellsworth suffered a trumatic brain injury in a car accident on July 23rd, 2008. He has come home a year after the accident. If you would like to make donations to help Mason's family w/ expenses, make checks payable to: The Ellsworth Family Fund, send to: Jefferson Security Bank, PO Box 35 Shepherdstown, WV 25443 contact Brian and Sylvia: ellsworthmusic@aol.com or face book Sylvia

Mason is pretty much the coolest kid ever. He's kinda hard to not like. Only sometimes he's a little crazy. And doesn't make much sense. And sometimes his speech is incoherent. But that's why he's Mason.

mason. equals. bananas. pistachiopudding. japan. bassoon. hat. curls. radiohead. socks. sideburns. susanfromnarnia. lips. thriftstorekid. guitar. and drums. at the same time. awesometeeth. can't dance. finger game. thumb game. who's hotter. dinos. no kats. tell me a secret. kurt vonnegut. tie your shoes. wemon. crazy drawings. typewriter. purple! suspenders. piggieback rides. nonsensical. butter. jokes. artwork. music. scribbles. incoherent handwriting slash babble. huge feet. wants to play you a song! bad knees. supergangly. white reeboks with blue stripes. haruki murakami. pretends he can't swim. don quixote. potato famine. look-alike girlfriend. blue eyes. broken nose. and bacon-don't forget bacon. stick. freckles. can't sit indian style. that hoodie. anal about his nails. roberto carlos. r. crumb. likes his knuckles. michael michael motorcycle.


Lynn and Peter signed Mason's Guestbook.

Mason updates always make our day! He's quite something. You guys too!! Lots of love and hugs,to you all! Read more

Margy Hoogland signed Mason's Guestbook.

Thank you for sharing your story, your struggles, your Faith, Determination, Love and so much more with us.....Bless You All on Your Journey....and Bravo for so far that ... Read more

nancysilverlake signed Mason's Guestbook.

LOL!! trust you to have the last word Mason .... you crack me up!!big hugs to all,cousin nancy Read more

Anika/Ashley/Brian/S Ellsworth posted a new journal entry, "Back To Brywn Mawr".

So here we are back at Bryn Mawr Rehab. Arriving in Malvern gives Sylvia and myself a sense of comfort and security. Mason had some pretty rough times here, but also, this ... Read more

cousin nancy signed Mason's Guestbook.

hey Mason,I will soon be sending a little bacon-related gift your way! he he he .... it will be a surprise ... a hint - it goes well with toast!!very best and loving ... Read more

Margy Hoogland signed Mason's Guestbook.

Hallelujah, Happy Christmas, and Merry New Year!So good to read of these things....Best Wishes, to All..Love, Margy Hoogland xoxox Read more

Anika/Ashley/Brian/S Ellsworth added a new photo.

Anika/Ashley/Brian/S Ellsworth added a new photo.

Anika/Ashley/Brian/S Ellsworth posted a new journal entry.

Behind I am, in posting Mason's latest adventures, but I resolve to do better in the New Year, 2014.Mason is so healthy and does so well, the days, weeks and months slip ... Read more

Anika/Ashley/Brian/S Ellsworth added a new photo.

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