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Mason’s Story

On August 18th, 2008 Mason was training for his triathlon on his bike at MSU. He was planning to ride 72 miles then help his sister move into her dorm. Unfortunately he was hit by a car. He sustained a severe head trauma and was in a coma for five months. Since coming out of the coma and against all odds,  he has made remarkable gains. He continues to make gains everyday and all of your support, prayers and energy have helped all of us so much and continue to give us and Mason strength. Please keep Mason in your thoughts and hearts. The Barker Family

We set up this site to keep people informed about Mason's condition, as well as receive any well wishes that people want to send. We are grateful for all of the positive energy and prayers being sent to Mason and us. Thank you

-Mason's Family

Latest Journal Update


Mason has progressed in his ambulation from an RJO (a large “contraption” on wheels which, while he was standing gave him complete support) to holding on to the rail connected to the wall. Now he walks with a cane.


He needs help moving his left leg so Kory helps him move it forward, but he can move his right leg completely independently.


On Sundays, Pat and Kathy walk with Mason at home….30 feet here, 30 feet there, adding up to over 150 feet. After about 15 feet Pat suggests to Mason that they take a short break or Mom’s going to pass out.  Kathy is on left leg duty and it is HARD WORK holding Mason up while Pat spots him with his gait belt.


They all often comment about how Kory does what they do all by herself. KORY ROCKS!


Please keep praying for Mason’s continued recovery. He makes gains everyday but he will always need his healing team.



If you are seeking creative ideas, go out walking.  Angels whisper to a man when he goes for a walk.  ~Raymond Inmon