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Martha’s Story

Hello everyone we have created this website to keep you updated on the progress of Martha's Vineyard in honor of Martha Rouse. A place where critical care families can go for rest, meals, support and friendship.
 Please pray for and support Martha's Vineyard
The Rouse Family

My story goes like this....My husband Steve and I were adding a few thousand miles to our nearly 100,000 miles of riding our Harley all over the US.  Enjoying the day out for a ride along the beautiful roads and checking out the scenic landscapes (which by the way i love it riding and seeing the world form a motorcycle) around Pensacola, FL on our way to Gulf Shores for vacation with our pals Randy & Fran B. We were having a ball until April 28, 2009 2pm that's when our accident occurred. The rear tire blew out due to "unknown but suspected scrape metal in the road". The bike fish tailed for about 75 to 100 foot enough time for traffic to stop. Then the peg stuck and threw both of us through the air like rag dolls nothing else Steve could have done. He fought it with all of his might. Until it won, but know doubt he did everything within his power to keep us safe................................. After a few good folks in the area called 911. Minutes later the parmeditics arrived and stabilized me at the scene rushed me to Sacred Heart Hospital the ER went to work doing what they do best......Which was getting me ready for the transfer to ACCU "Adult Critical Care Unit" ICU.  Now I have Servier Brain Trauma and the next few days are extremely critical...........

Latest Journal Update


Dear Family and Friends of Martha's Vineyard of Pensacola!

What a exciting time we have had lately!  Please visit Martha's Vineyard of Pensacola L.L.C. website: />
At this website you will see the house we are renovating, the work that has been done already, stories about Martha, Steve, and family, and why we are dedicating this home for so many we don't even know, but that we do know will need a safe, comfortable, and home-like place to stay when their loved ones are in a local hospital here in Pensacola.
Dennis & I are committed to bringing this home to life. 
Just this week, Steve Rouse came back from Cleveland, TN to work on the home.  We have had a great time fellowshipping with him.  He was able to do some needed electrical work outside, cut the opening and frame up the pocket door for the "blue" bathroom, tear out the sink in the "blue" bathroom and take out a shower door.  What a help and blessing!

You will see all the work that has been done so far also.  Steven Wells is our professional drywall, ceiling, and texture guy.  As soon as he is done repairing celings, we can start sanding walls and painting inside also in some of the rooms. 

A whole lot is going on right now.  Please do go the the website to keep up with all the progress.

BUT, please keep us in prayer.  We need it to do the work we know is laid in front of us.

Thanks so much,
Love, Always in His Name!
Marty & Dennis Tackett