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Martha’s Story

My name is Martha.  I am fighting breast cancer.  I was diagnosed at 32 weeks gestation with baby number 5.  I have had chemo and a baby and a lumpectomy and soon a mastectomy.  And I am still fighting.  Thanks for journeying with me.  I try to always be open and honest with my journal posts....  sometimes they feel very raw to me but I hope you will find something to take with you after you read and that you will pray for us in this fight!

Latest Journal Update

Doing okay but needing help

Hey everyone.  I am doing well since the surgery.  The doctor is very pleased so far.  I still have 1 of 3 drains and am still unable to drive or care for Zachary.  I can not lift him.  I can not change a diaper (If he fights me on it anyway, lol)

I have had amazing help so far, My mom was here for a few days and Darlene has been here almost every weekday since my mom had to leave.  But now she is headed to a retreat and then a meeting.  So I really need to call in more help.

A lot of people have offered to help over the last 20 months and quite a few have brought us meals and helped in other ways.  And I am so grateful for the help we have received.  But I need more now.....

Tomorrow I need someone to come hang out in the morning (8-9 ish) till zack goes down for nap around 1. Then I either need someone to hangout with the kids while they sleep or someone to take me to the dr and bring me back home. Cara gets home from school at 2:30 so we should be okay from then no problems.

Thursday I need someone to bring me home from MOPS @ Gateway at 11:15 or so. and then hang out till zack goes to sleep ( around 1). Or we could go hang out at a play place for a little while and eat lunch and then you could just drop me off and help lay down zack.

Friday, sigh, I need someone from 8 or so until zack goes down for nap (around 1). I also may need someone to hang with the kids while someone else takes me to Fresno (SO THAT IS ACTUALLY 2 PEOPLE NEEDED). So I can hopefully get this last drain out.

Sat and Sunday of course Andy is home and so are the big kids. 

Hopefully then next week we can get a little back to normal and I can manage on my own somewhat.

Also- If you would rather just take a baby or a baby and a little girl to your house....   LOL  That is fine too!