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By Ray — Mar 20, 2014 4:22am
In the last few weeks I've read Tell My Sons and watched a number of YouTube videos especially the singing of Tell my Father. It was that which lead me to your family as I heard the song released by Sol3Mio in New Zealand and wondered where it came from.
I can't say the journey you and your boys are on will be easy without Mark but he has left a wonderful legacy. I lost my wife in 2007 to cancer when she was 39 and my son was 7. Being a widower at 38 as well as suddenly becoming a solo dad was a horrible experience. It did bring out the best in so many people many of whom I hardly knew. All I can say is the pain does recede while the memories stay on. Its been 6.5 years for us now . I'm married another wonderful woman (I must have good luck because it isn't good looks) who does a great job of looking after her 3 boys (including the dog).
I plan to get my son to read the book as I think that in there Mark does a wonderful job of talking to his boys that will work on anyone. If you and/or your boys ever find your way from Minnesota to New Zealand feel free to bunk down in Auckland.