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  • Written Mar 8, 2012 10:27pm

    Just wanted everyone to know that Mark left for Spring Training this past Tuesday.  He was very excited but reserved (didn't want to make it too obvious he was ready to go I'm sure!!:)))...he still has some balance issues and overall strength issues, especially with his left side.  Having said that, it is the best place for him!!  Could you really see him hanging here in Granger/South Bend while everyone is out there??, absolutely not!!!! He called me the next morning at approx 5am (Arizona time) and said he was in front of his locker getting ready to walk on the treadmill!!  Of course I had to give a small lecture on getting sleep but oh well..The Diamonbacks called me and said he will be in "good hands" and did I have any last minute instructions so it was all good!! Actually it allows me a much needed break and even better because I know he wants to be there.  He arrives back on April 1st...If I haven't said it enough..thank you all for the support and prayers!!


  • Written Feb 23, 2012 4:26pm

    Sorry it's been so long since my last update...Mark is recovering very well.  Each day he gets stronger and stronger.  He started out-patient rehab last week so no more homecare.  I decided I would do his Wound VAC dressing changes, etc because I was not going to drive him to another out-patient facility for all that!! He had a great day today because he was finally rid of his ball and chain as he likes to call it.  I took his Wound VAC off!!   I went to do his dressing and he basically had such minimal depth to his wound that I decided to take it off and just dressed it with a wet/dry dressing.  Absolutely amazing that in less than a month and a half a huge open belly wound could be closed without infection and cosmetically looks wonderful because of the Wound VAC!!  Mark was sooo excited and so was I because although amazing, we were so done with all the VAC stuff!!!  I will give his MD a call tomorrow and let him know.  Next on the list, is Mark's departure to Spring Training with RESTRICTIONS!! :)))  Yes, although apprehensive, it is probably the best place for him because he would drive me totally insane if he was home while all his baseball colleagues were working out in Phoenix, etc...We have an appt on Friday March 2nd with his surgeon and he would most likely leave the following week.  I say restrictions because everyone that knows Mark knows that he has a tendency to do things full throttle and he is not to that point yet.  He is up to 30 min of walking (no running) on the treadmill which is very improved from last week but he still has some balance issues along with being weak. So I have threatened him and will continue to do so as to make sure he fully understands my concerns!! ;))  He is now on active kid duty until his departure...I feel it is the least he can do for me!!!  Although thin, he is continuing to advance his diet which is also great and is up to lifting 5lbs.  It drives him crazy that he has minimal muscle but it will all eventually come back at some point.  He definitely is starting to look more alive and his color is coming back. :))  Well I'll keep everyone posted.. a lot going on in the next week!!  Who would have thought??!!!


  • Written Feb 6, 2012 10:39pm

    Quick update because the last one I JUST DID vanished!  Mark is doing very well.  Finally told him he must venture out beyond our house last Thursday.  Took him to Kelli's basketball scrimmage.  Lasted an hour and then bolted out immediately.  I had forgot a cushion for him to sit on..oops! Saturday am came and I was racing to get out of the house for Kelli's 9am game.  Mark said he thought it was too icy for him to go out and I disagreed because there was NO ice sooo he decided to go and that was another turning point!!  Lasted the whole game and then because he kept bugging me I let him drive in our neighborhood.  Kelli and I said it was like driving with a teenager but he did well.  I even got him to go with us to the kids favorite restaurant BW3's and I let him drive..I did have the passenger brakes going on and did keep saying, "now are you alright?? please tell me if you aren't alright"!!  Mark was getting annoyed which is like his old self!!  He actually drove JR alone on Sunday (God help me!!) to baseball practice and attended Kelli's game that afternoon.  He ate a little at BW3's and continues to advance his diet although very thin!!  Talking on the phone but voice gets really hoarse from the ET tube he had down it for 20 days!! The therapists say he must start going to outpatient rehab because there is nothing left to do at home, all a good sign.  We have 2 MD appts this week but he is doing extremely well despite his Wound VAC, etc on his stomach..Thanks so much to everyone again for the support!!


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