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Mark's story started on Wed. Dec. 21st when he had back surgery.  He had an L4 L5 fusion and came home on Thurs. Dec. 22nd.  He was a little slow getting around but he was on the road to recovery.  Then Christmas Eve day came on Sat. Dec. 24th and Mark started having a lot of pain while urinating. Since I am a nurse, my guess was that he had a normal post surgery UTI.  I called his back surgeon who said I needed to take him to the ER to have his bladder drained.  As we drove to the ER the pain got worse and eventually ended up being abdominal pain.  After 10 hrs of tests they found the problem, a ruptured Diverticulum (bowel) which then led to Sepsis. Mark was admitted that evening for heavy duty antibiotics in hopes that possibly the Diverticulum might self heal itself and maybe he could avoid surgery.  Well, fast forward to Thurs. Dec 29th, after 6 days of ups and downs with temps, BP, pain, etc. a CT scan revealed a softball size abcess in his abdomen from a perforated bowel. I arrived to his room that morning and the OR was already calling for him.  He had been back for about 10 min. It was a decision that we really had no time to think about because by now Mark was very sick and something had to be done quickly.  2 hrs later Dr. Credi and Dr. Mark Walsh spoke to me and told me that Mark had 12 inches of bowel removed, he was Septic and he was going to be in the ICU for at least a day or 2 on a ventilator and to be prepared because things would get worse before they got better.  Well, it is Mon. Jan. 2, 2012 and Mark is still in the ICU on a ventilator.  He is very sick and at this stage, one of Mark's biggest problems is his lungs and the inability to tolerate being off the respirator.  I thought we would be well on the road to recovery but that's just not going to happen right now.  The doctors say this will be a very slow process and that patience and positive thoughts are what is needed!!


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Just wanted everyone to know that Mark left for Spring Training this past Tuesday.  He was very excited but reserved (didn't want to make it too obvious he was ready to ... Read more

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Mark,Not sure if you got my first message. Best wishes from myself, and brother, Randy. I remember you when you played with the Angusville Cardinals of the Manitoba Senior ... Read more

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Hi Mark--Keep on pressing on and trusting.Glad to hear you made it to Spring Training... Read more

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Just got tickets for opening day at the Silverhawks.  Hope to see Mark, but not sure I would recognize him in people clothes!!  Glad to know he is improving and enjoyed ... Read more

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This is Max Gosc and Mark would know me is there any way that I could get into contact with Mark while the SPRING TRAINING is going on I would like to speak with him about ... Read more

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That great news that Mark was able to get out to Spring Training. Thanks for the continued updates. We are still here reading and rooting for him. The Greens Read more

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Well pretty much same old Hales here in Scottsdale. Glad you're here and looking for a good and healthy spring training and season. Read more

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Hey Mark so glad to hear you are back to what you love so much!!!  I'm sure things would not be the same without you!!!We love you!Give Ann a big hug she sure does ... Read more

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Ann what a breath of fresh air to hear of marks's remarkable recovery and now feeling self worth and purpose! Congratulations to all of you. You all deserve it! May God ... Read more

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Very happy to hear of the great news, both for Hales and you Ann. Ann, you were the driving force in getting Hales back on his feet so quickly and I just want to say thank ... Read more

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