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Feeling a little better.

I went to the hospital on the 15th and was there from morning until evening. I found out that I have a HUGE blockage from all of the tests- it seemed to have shut my bowels down and I had stools throughout my entire colon, and it was causing me to feel extremely sick and not well. 
I have to do SEVERAL enemas and have already done some...I am feeling much better today. I am not as nauseas and finally able to eat a small amount. I still bloat up with swelling and pain when I eat normal foods, but I am doing my best. I don't have much money left for Ensure Plus, so I am having a hard time buying it, but that's ALL that really is able to comfort me and not cause such severe pains. 
The hospital wanted to keep me, because I couldn't seem to regulate the pain at all, and was in such distress. I finally got the nerve to attempt to do the enemas myself at home, so that I was more comfortable, and they finally let me leave. 
I have been SO nauseas that I haven't been able to log onto my phone or computer at seemed like I would get so dizzy and nauseas that it felt like I was on a tipsy topsy boat! It was horrible. I am so happy to be able to finally log on and let my dear friends know that I am doing better today and not in as much pain and agony. 
I have problems with my blood work, that needs to be re-evaluated. I have crazy liver enzymes, have some "iffy" problems with my lymphocytes, my neutrophils and other issues. I noticed I have a new lump in my breast that HURTS really badly, and although I had it checked out a few months ago, it seems to be growing, so I need to get that checked out soon, and just for piece of mind may have it taken out...I am not the "wait and see" kind of girl, not after all I have gone through with my health...I like to be proactive and get the lumps removed before waiting to see if they turn into something worse. I wanted this one out a few months ago, but the surgeon wanted to "see" what happens and now it's growing, so I am ready to get a new breast surgeon and have this removed. I also have a suspicious "lung nodule" which is a small "spot" on my left lung that needs to be re-evaluated soon, so I pray that they aren't linked together and something more than just a regular old "lump"....I would be so disappointed, because since the mammogram in October, I have had constant pain and the swelling in my lymph nodes on that side are NOT going down, they are actually getting worse than previously, so it's time to take control of my body and let it know who's boss! :)
Well, I hope this helps others who have gone through some of the same things, and now know that I WILL get better, no matter what, I will kick these diseases in the behind, and will conquer my illnesses. I am looking forward to being healthy again and not in as much pain. I look forward to the day I am able to just get up and go somewhere and not have to worry about my pain in my stomach happening while out, and ruining my quality time, or worrying about other pain and problems...I know I will feel better after my surgeries.