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Had my Appt with Surgeon.

I had my BIG appt today and it went good. I got lots of answers, and my surgeon is wonderful at taking extra caution and care with my body and health. 

I had the Ano-Rectal Physiology testing done. I had ALL SIX of the tests done, and even had Ultrasound of the anal canal to test for nerve study, had the balloon blown up to check my pushing and contracting, had a probe that was VERY sharp and hurt like heck but I stuck it out...I tried to be as much of a trooper as I could, because it REALLY hurt, but I knew I NEED to have these tests! So I got probed by SIX different probes and finally had the answers I needed. 

I have a much larger rectocele than originally thought. I HAVE to get that fixed ASAP to ensure that my BMs can come out without them going completely into my vaginal area! I get really bad pain in my lower abdomen and cramps...and NEVER feel I am glad that he will fix that for me. I will be scheduled SOON (this week they will call and schedule me for the next available appt) hopefully really soon, because once I recover from that, I will be able to move forward and have a sitzmarker test again, and possibly other tests to check the status of the repaired rectocele, and then go forward with total colectomy (full colon removal). I will only need to be hospitalized for a day or two, so that is a great thing, and I will be treated with wonderful staff who will keep an eye on my follow ups and check my recovery status for issues that could arise from this surgery in my vaginal area. 

What I learned is that I have a blockage and eventually I will be taking part in a total colectomy. My small intestine will (hopefully) be attached to my rectum and made into a make-shift colon. I will have a bag for some months to give myself time to heal. I am now looking forward to having my colon GONE. I realized how much pain I have been in today once I had to leave my little nest (my home) and flock out into public...the pain was so intense and it took everything in me to actually shower, slap some makeup on my pale face, and put on regular clothing and not pj's!! What a task that I took for granted prior to being in bed so much!! I want to feel better, like the rest of my dear friends and am now very happy to see what the future brings. He let me know that it is IRREVERSIBLE and theres NO going back, but also let me know how much life will change for the better. I am ready!! Bring on the temporary bag...and Heck, if it becomes permanent, its all a part of LIFE. I am ready!! I dont' want my poop shute checked anymore!! It HURTS....

Anyways, that's my update, and I thank you all for being there for me and for praying. I know the prayers have worked and I know that your thoughts and well wishes have followed me into my appt today. 

Lots of love and I will be on rooting for all of you, as I STILL have some pain that will HAVE to be endured until the BIG day...but I am glad to have all of you to be on my team rooting for me, as I am for all of you. 

Many ((((((HUGS)))))))

Love, Marie