I've been here since 7:30 (it's now 9:35) and usually at a fluoroscopy for small bowel series you drink 2 cups of barium...I am on my FOURTH and have had 3 x-rays done and the barium is NOT moving past my stomach! They need my small intestine to be lit up, but the barium is moving sooooooo slowly that they can't see it yet. 
The dr said drink another cup, and I will, no complaints, as I try to be a good and kind patient at all times, but I did tell them that I'm feeling pain in my upper abdomen. Not nausea, but this hard lead-weight pain.....they will note that in the file. 
Why does my stomach take so long to begin emptying into my small intestine?! Most people are out of here in half hour to one hour...I've been here for TWO hours and the small intestine isn't lit up at all....it's JUST NOW beginning to empty (very slowly) into my small intestine. 

I'm a trooper though and when the nurse handed me my fourth cup of barium and had a sad face and said she felt bad, that's exactly what I told her: I'm a trooper and need to know what's wrong with me, so I'll drink it and be happy. :) 
I'm scared though, just a little side note- worried and scared because this isn't normal and they are worried. I can see the nurse and dr discussing me and they have a concerned look. :-/ 
But, I'm here, and can do this. Even if it takes 2 more hours, I'm patient, kind, and never complain to the dr.s.

**********************************************Update: Today at 12:17 pm

JUST got home.....it finally went down and filled up my small intestine (small bowel) and lit up on the x-ray. He had to push down on my belly with this paddle with a pillow on it thingy, and get the fluid to move out of the way, and noted that I am "full of sh_t" literally....even though I have taken the enema and miralax and duralax preps....but then again, if my food takes HOURS to go from my stomach into my small intestine, than obviously I will always be backed up! I am so full right now....it hurt like heck when they pushed on my belly with this paddle thingy, but they got really good shots and told me they will give the results to the surgeon. 
I pray that my Ileum is able to be connected to my intestine, so that I am able to have my colon removal...if not, small intestine and colon will be coming out and I will be on the Bag for life. 

I'm glad it is over and now I can drink a coffee....been looking forward to one all day, lol....turbo coffee from Dunkin was my treat for my long test. LOL.