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Fluoroscopy Testing.

Tomorrow (early) morning is my Fluoroscopy appt. They will give me Barium and light up my colon like a fluorescent light....The part that has the blockage will be lit up and they can determine if the blockage is in fact a cancerous lump...I know one thing for sure, I am blessed to have a surgeon who is so attentive to my colon issues. He has ordered emergency tests to check for whatever it is that is not "well" inside of me. 

My prayers are that I am able to get the aftercare that my health insurance won't pay for, such as a visiting nurse and the treatment that they will perform. I can come home quicker than 14 days if I have a nurse in place to visit me daily. If I am unable to get services I will have to remain in the hospital for a longer time, which means my 19 year old niece will be left alone with my 3 young children, and she doesn't drive, and has no support system to help her to be alone for that long, as she suffers with PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) and would definitely have a rough time being alone for that long...a couple weeks is the longest I will be without my children and without my home....I pray I can reach my goal, as so far, I have many prayers, which I am so very thankful for, but my goal hasn't even begun yet. 
I know times are rough with money, and I know that people would donate if they could. I thank you all for your prayers and sympathy messages. It's going to be a long road to recovery and my children have to go along for the recovery time with me, just as they have gone along for the years of my being sick. I am so excited to show them that their sick mommy will be able to get up and go places randomly, we will be able to play and do fun things, other than have a sick Mommy in bed most days.

~~~~Lord God, Please hear my pleas, my cries for help. Your son Jesus is my savior and my faith is falling. I need you both right now, more than ever. I don't want to fall from my faith, and need the security and healing of both of you. May I get the help that I need medically and I pray for healing and recovery from my illnesses and diseases. Let me be the Mother I deserve to be. Lord God, you've seen me struggle for years, since a young and tender age of 4...Help me heal. I love you Lord God, and I have a small amount of faith left. Let me trust in you and let me hold your hand through this scary time. In Jesus Name I Pray, Amen~~~~