Margaret’s Story

We would like to say Thank you for all the love, support and prayers you have given us. 

We are often asked how you can help.  We have a benefit account set up for Margaret and you are welcome to send a contribution to help with her medical bills, trips to therapy.  You may send to the Margaret Romph Benefit Fund Central Bank  238 Madison St.   Jefferson City, Mo 65109 ATTN: Lisa

Thanks again for all your support.

On Friday, Jan 2nd, 2009 Sherline was working at McDonalds when Erin, Margaret and Grandma Kay came to visit her. Shortly after leaving they were in a very serious car accident. Sherline saw the ambulance and fire trucks go by her work and immediately felt sick. She called Erin and no one answered. She called Kay 's phone and was told she needed to come to the scene. When she got to the scene, they would not let her see Margaret. Erin and Grandma Kay were taken to St. Mary's to be treated and were released. Margaret was life-flighted to the University. She is suffering from severe head trama, where they had to shunt her head to release pressure. Other injuries were 2 broken femurs and a broken neck. She is in the pediatric intensive care at the University. The doctors say that it is too early to give a prognosis but if she does make it through this she will probably be paralyzed from the neck down. The extent of the head trauma is unknown at this time. Please pray for a miracle for they do happen. Our faith is strong but we need the circle of prayers to embrace the family during this difficult time. Sherline, Eric, Erin, Katharine, Patrick, and Margaret need our support!

Latest Journal Update

Pray for peace for Margaret and our family.

This weekend was a little rough at our house. It was good blessings that were bound to bring some tears but I was not expecting what happened. Although I guess I should have seen it coming when we sat down. But I received my birthday present early from Eric # 2. I have him all of my tapes to transfer to DVD, I was so excited so after trick or treating we decided we were going to sit down and start watching the start of 37 of them. So we randomly picked one to watch. W...e saw some great memories, had some great laughs, then I looked over at Margaret and she was crying. I never thought to think how this would affect her, When I asked why? It was because in all of these memories she was running around, jumping up and down, climbing up and down on our laps, squealing at every Christmas present she opened and got so excited, just being a little girl. Erin asked everyone to leave the room and her and I sat there and just held Margaret. How do you tell your child who has been paralyzed that it is all going to be ok. When she sees how she once was. When I am sometimes not sure if it is all going to be ok. I just tried to tell her all the good things that have happened in our lives since the accident. And all of the people God put in our lives that we would have never met had her accident not happened. I was holding Brody at the time and I said see this beautiful little boy that I am his MiMi and you are his Auntie Margaret we wouldn't know him because I met his mom with Children Miracle Network, then I brought up John Manison and said a you wouldn't know John can you imagine life without John in it and of course she said No. Then I named so many people who have blessed our lives, our SCI families, nurses, paras, Drs. all of our New family that we have never met from her websites. Saying anything that would make her feel a little better. After an hour or so she wanted to watch more. At this point I think she is better but not sure I am because I am unpacking boxes and I now know why they are still packed! Almost every box I open has something in it that she made or wore or a you she played with before the wreck. So I guess you could say I am crying may way through the boxes determined to get them done. So I think we took a big step into the healing process this week. I knew it was going to happen some day. I just pray God guides me in how to handle it the right way with her. I want her (and myself) to see all this stuff as good memories and things to be happy about. But at the same time grieve over what once was if that makes since. Don't be surprised if you see some of the things I find or some video clips of her before the wreck. She is definitely a miracle child. Thanks for listening.

God Bless and have a great day.


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Jennifer Green
By Jennifer Green
Prayers...I have a family member who has a SCI also and he has been going through a similar process.
Jennifer Green
c.o.l.e.'s prayer team
Nigel Burrell
By Nigel Burrell
Margaret is definitely a miracle child! Sending her tons of hugs and positive vibes across the miles. Thinking of you all from the U.K.

Nigel xxx
Dona Silverman
By Dona Silverman
Big hugs! I understand your pain. It is a process that we need to get through. Sometimes it is one memory at a time other times are more than one at a time.
Take care, Dona
jan mcmanus
By jan mcmanus
Beautiful. Thanks for sharing
Patricia Stewart
By patricia stewart
there are no words to write after reading you post ,but to keep the memories and make new ones. unpack what you can , re pack what is important find new homes for the one not so important to make room for the new ones. I myself have repack and unpacked , found new homes, and keep some. It is the ones you are not looking for that will bring back the hurt you did not know was there. my heart goes out to Margaret as she grows up with the not know how thing could have been and not know what the future holds for her. But to know she is strong and went back to look at the movies only shows how far she will go in the world she helps to shape.
Pamela Schilz
By Pam Schilz
Hugs and love to your family.
Jeanne Leder
By Jeanne Leder
I can feel how stressful that was for you all. I pray that our Lord will ease the tender feelings that were raised, and smooth everything out. You will all be in our prayers.

Sending love and hugs,
Jeanne <><
Sarah Nixdorf
By Sarah Nixdorf
Hugs and thinking of you.
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Karen Kabelis
By Karen Kabelis
I can still see her flipping around on the stage in St. Louis at the Cheerleading Competition. As you know my granddaughter was in that competition also and they were the same age. They were all glittered up in their purple and white uniforms, looking adorable. I'm so sorry Sherline, like I've said many times I can't imagine how it must feel as a mother. And even more how it must be for Margaret. My prayers and thoughts are with you. I look forward to seeing anything and everything you feel you want to post! Keep the faith!!!
Derenda  Butler
By Derenda Butler
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