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Madison’s Story


Madison is a beautiful 2 year old who was unfortunately diagnosed with brain cancer on July 6, 2008. She had a seizure and then became unresponsive on the morning of July 6 and the ambulance brought her to Hutchinson Area Health Care. A CT scan was done there and it was discovered that she had fluid on her brain, which could be caused by a tumor blocking the fluid. She was airlifted to Childrens Hospital and Clinics in Minneapolis. An MRI was done and it was determined that she did in fact have a tumor in her central nervous system (the brain and spine). A shunt was inserted into her head to drain the hyrocephalus and she also had surgery to remove a portion of the tumor.
Madison was put on a feeding tube due to the chemotherapy being in control of her appetite. She started out with a double lumin hickman and then progressed up to a port-a-cath. Madison than underwent chemotherapy and 3 stem cell infusions during a period of 8 months. The MRI showed that the tumor was no longer visible. On April 18, 2009, Madison had another seizure and she was then again transported to Hutchinson and shortly after she was airlifted to Minneapolis Childrens. Another MRI showed that the tumor had grown back very rapidly. Here Madison suffered 8 more seizures in the next week.  There were only 2 choices for us to choose from; a new treatment plan would need to be planned (and the chances of a cure are slim to none) or we could let the tumor run its course.
The first difficult decision was made on April 21st and we decided on doing radiation and chemotherapy in the hopes of cure but the tumor progressed too much too fast in a weekends time when another difficult decision was made on April 26th to let her go. We brought her home on the 27th to begin hospice care and she passed away on May 6, 2009 (one day after her third birthday.)