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Happy Birthday and Angel Day Madison!!!!

It was a busy, yet very difficult weekend. On Saturday, May 5 Madison celebrated her 6th birthday in Heaven. I can't even imagine the amazing day she had. In Elk River, we made a coffee cake for Madison. We did this because she loved to make coffee and because she loved birthday, so I saw it fit to do that for her. 

On Sunday, May 6th, it was 3 years since Madison received her angel wings. There is no doubt in my mind that she is getting up to head angel. I went to visit Madison on Sunday. The whole family was there and it was wonderful. 

I miss Madison more than words can say. So far, each year that goes by seems to be more and more difficult. It gets hard but these are the cards that we were dealt and so we must play with them. Madison will never ever leave my heart and not a single minute goes by that I do not think of my love. 

I often times think of the very last time that she told me that she loves me and I will never forget that. 

Tomorrow, Travis and I are leaving for Faith's Lodge (in Danbury, Wisconsin) and I cannot wait. It is said to be a place of healing and I hope to find this to be true. I know that Madison will be there with us and so I will spent the rest of the week remembering her and paying honor to her. 

As you all know in May, I collect toys for the children in the hospital. You may drop them off at any place where they will be delivered to me. At my home in Elk River, my work at Becker Furniture World (Point of Sale desk ONLY), My parents or brothers homes in Cokato and/or Bird Island. Or anywhere else you think they can get to me. They do need to be brand new as used toys have a risk with these childrens immune systems. They can be for any age, babies to teenagers and either gender. Please donate and support these children.