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I would like to try something to help raise awareness of childhood cancer. I want to do this through facebook (at least to start out to see if it goes well than I may or may not turn it into a website of its own.) Each day I would like to post a story of a child who is dealing with cancer and their story. Every day I would focus on a different child. I want to show their pictures and tell people about them as a person and about how they battle their cancer. In order for me to start this I would need your help.

Please send me a story (long or short) of child that you know who is battling cancer. Tell me their name, age, about the child (likes and dislikes), the diagnosis, tell me about their battle, how the cancer is doing now or if they became an angel. I would also like pictures of the child. I think picures that are more of an attention grabber would work better is raising awareness.

If you would just like to send me a link to their caringbridge site that would be fine also and I can pick and choose what to use from there.

Please make sure the child/parents of child are awareness of the pictures and/or story being put on facebook. I can't stress this enough because I don't want to upset anyone.

Send me the pictures and stories to or message them to my facebook -- Amber Kautz of MN.

Pass the word around and if i get enough stories to get me started I think this could be effective.