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November 22, 2013

Hello everyone!  Tonight felt like a good night for an update.  Maddie had a very full week.  She has been going to school about 3 hours a day.  While she is there she is working on art, geomertry and english. They are hoping that after Thanksgiving she will be able to work up to half days on a regular basis.  She had a follow up visit with the neurosurgeons this week and it was startling to see her xrays and have the studies explained.  The follow up xrays just gave more confirmation to what the family already knew, that Maddie's survival was nothing short of a miracle.  Essentially, this type of injury usually results in rupture of the ligament that stabilizes the cervical spine.  If that ruptures, the spinal column is unstable and the usual results are fatal.  The broken piece of her C1 vertebral body is only millimeters from a very important artery that was also spared.  Her brain also showed significant injury, and her current recovery far exceeds the original expectations. Unfortunately, due to the location of the fracture, the doctors decided that it is best for her to wear the neck brace 24/7 for another 6 weeks.  Maddie was really ready to be done with the brace!!
The Shely's already knew that her recovery was nothing short of a miracle, brought about by each and every one of your prayers!  These xrays only provide further proof of this miracle. 
Clearly, Maddie was not the only one to benefit from the power of all the prayers flowing in this community, as Carly was able to go home nearly 3 weeks earlier than expected from the rehab hospital.  As time passes and the healing continues, we hope that the prayers from the community join and grow to provide comfort and peace to Nate's family as well.
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Janelle Deitloff
By Janelle Deitloff
Our thoughts and prayer continue for all of the families involved. Kari Krenzer-what a BLESSING you are to the Shely family also-thanks for the updates !!
Wendy Synowicki
By Wendy Synowicki
Praise GOD from Whom all blessings flow! When I pray for Maddie & Carly, all I can think of is Job 9:10 "His great works are too marvelous to understand. He performs miracles without number." Obviously they are good to go because through them God's glory will continue to show! Thankful doesn't begin to touch how happy I am for all of you! Maddie & Carly are God's testimony!! Praising GOD!
Lori Bonnett
By Lori Bonnett
The power of prayer! Glad to hear Maddie's continued progress.
sue venteicher
By Sue Venteicher
So glad to hear things are moving forward. Think of it as a marathon not a sprint. God bless all of you!!
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