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November 11, 2013

Hello everyone!  We wanted to give everyone a quick update on Maddie.  She had a very busy first week back to school.  She enjoyed being back with her friends and getting back into a routine.  She was able to attend her art class each day and to spend some time working on geometry.  She also spent time working with her occupational and speech therapists.  Over the course of the week she developed some cummulative fatigue and spent most of the day Saturday sleeping!  So many everyday things that we all take for granted take intense effort and are very tiring for her. Despite that, being back with her friends and family is very healing for her.
Thank you for continuing to check in on Madidie and her family.  They remain grateful for your thoughts and prayers.
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michele whitaker
By Michele Whitaker & family
Still in our thoughts and prayers. Keep on keepin' on . . .
tifany shely
By Mom
You continue to amaze me. You are so much stronger than you give yourself credit for. We are so incredibly grateful to have been granted a miracle. Soon it will be our time to pay it forward!
Kris k
By Baylie and Kris Kudlacz
keep up the good work Maddie!
Lori Bonnett
By Lori Bonnett
Sending prayers for strength. You can do it Maddie!
Wendy Synowicki
By Wendy Synowicki
So grateful Maddie continues to heal & improve! PRAISE GOD for answering countless prayers on her behalf! Praying she remembers to unite her struggles with Christ's on the cross for a greater good (she can determine:) For even though it seems when we are weak, we are powerless; nothing could be further from the truth when we connect it to Jesus who is forever Strong! Keep on making Jesus smile, Maddie! You are His testimony!!