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Madeline’s Story

Welcome to caring bridge! We've created this sight to keep everyone back home updated on what's going on with Maddie and our family here in Philly:). Please share this site information with anyone interested, miss you all already!!!

Madeline started getting headaches in December, wen taken to the pediatrician, migraines were the diagnosis. In March Maddie started to lose her balance; falling out of swings, out of chairs, and down the stairs. Back to the pediatrician we went and were told "all toddlers stumble around, go home and enjoy your daughter". We were outraged, we knew something was seriously wrong with our daughter and and our concerns were patronized. We then saw a naturopath who felt something was wrong with her pituitary gland, nothing to be alarmed about, but she did have a couple of vertebrae out. Okay on to the chiropractor! So he was the first person to actually check maddies neurological signs, sounding the alarm that something was seriously wrong. We called the pediatrician back demanding an MRI, couldn't get us in until Monday, this was Tuesday. On Thursday we decided, with grandmas help, that we couldn't wait until Monday and drove straight to Sacred Heart Childrren's Hospital. About midnight they came back with the results of the MRI, Maddie had a massive brain tumor. Devastation. Surgery was scheduled for Monday the 25th. Dr. Gruber did a gross total resection, and biopsy came back a ependymoma stage II. Chemotherapy was not an option, so after learning the side effects of radiation we starting exploring alternatives. Luke found proton beam therapy, a less invasive radiation. After aunt Kelly's research we decided Children's Hospital of Philadelphia was the best place for our Maddie. So after being accepted and jumping through some insurance hoops we were off to the east coast!