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On April 21,2011. Maddy was at home when she was accidentallyy shot with .22 caliber pistol in the head. Maddy was airlifted to HCMC were she still remains in critical condition.

For those kind people that would like to assist Maddy with
her long recovery please visit
We have started a trust fund to help with things she may need on her journey


Bonnie Larson signed Maddy's Guestbook.

Hello all you wonderful people for your prayers,love,visits,and your wonderful donations. Maddy is a active 11 year old. She is amazing. she work so hard to be where she ... Read more

Sabrina Dewey signed Maddy's Guestbook.

Heyy maddy! I havent talked to you in sooooooooooooooooo long! well, i started a countdown to school, i know the kids dont wanna hear this, but the parents will be like ... Read more

Rich Chronis signed Maddy's Guestbook.

Maddy: Good to know you are doing so well.  May God continue to be at work in your life.     Read more

Sally Pesta signed Maddy's Guestbook.

Hey Dear Maddy, Its me the lady with the orange finger nail polish..... Hope you enjoyed the bottle I left with the nurses at Gillette. I miss seeing you and your family ... Read more

john & carol giovinco signed Maddy's Guestbook.

Hi Miracle Maddy!!!:)      We are sooooooooooo hoping you are having a good week and enjoying summer!!!! GOD BLESS you always!Love,Carol & John G.xoxoxoxoxooxAz. Read more

Ashley Klein signed Maddy's Guestbook.

Maddy and Family, So glad to hear things are progressing and she is doing so well! I continue to pray each day for her! Power of prayer is amazing! Way to go Maddy!! ... Read more

john & carol giovinco signed Maddy's Guestbook.

WOW!!!!!!!! Miracle Maddy, From what I have read on your notes from family and friends is that "MADDY IS BACK HOME"!!!!!!!! We are soooooooooooo HAPPY to hear ... Read more

Gabby Hilgers signed Maddy's Guestbook.

Hey Maddy it is Gabby. My mom saw u at Walmart the other day... Can't wait to see u. I hear u are doing very well! Hope to see u real soon!!! Read more

Laureljean Montanye signed Maddy's Guestbook.

Dear Maddy,  I am guessing you are home by now and settling in... Hopefully the hugathon will settle soon. You just don't know how much I wish grandpa and I could be ... Read more

Sarah lindquist signed Maddy's Guestbook.

Hey Maddy, It is so great that you have this caring bridge website because my mom doesn't have Facebook so this is the only way we can get updates. I am so glad that you ... Read more

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