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  • Jan 13, 2012 9:45am

    Hi Grandma again. I forgot to say Maddys 12th birthday will be Jan. 26th. Marissa turned 15 on Jan. 4th, Wow! Merricks 11th birthday will be Jan 23rd. So everyone please wish them a big Happy Birthday. With love, hug and kisses Grandma.

    Bonnie Larson

  • Jan 13, 2012 9:40am

    Hello every one. this is maddys Grandma Bonnie giving all the people involved in her recovery. She had a appointment yesterday at Gilette Childrens Hospital. The Dr. has given the all go to do anything. They all said she is amazing. She has fun seeing all her nurses and friends and the Dr. She new all their names. They commented on her haircut and a few blonde highlights. She has to where her helmet if she rides her bike or anything that might be dangereous. The first thing she did when she got home was ride her bike. Wow! She is so active and bubbly and sings and smile when she comes home from school. Her and her sister and brother sometimes do lots of sleepovers at Grandpa Scott and Grandma Kathys. Merrick mostly rather stay here and play xbox. They also like going to Uncle Jason and Aunt Rachel. Also they went during Christmas break and stayed withe Aunt Jamies. We still believe if it was not for number one God, family, friends, and a lot of prayers and support from every one involved in her recovery things could be different. Things are going great. A special thank you to Darryl and Janet Seward with all their kindness and friendship. It is a long road to recovery, every second, every minute, every day. All of you who have family members who have be injured keep up your faith, i really believe miracles and prayers work. God Bless all of you. Grandma Bonnie.

    Bonnie Larson

  • Sep 15, 2011 12:12pm

    Hi Maddy...
       Not sure if you will get to read this, but want you to know that grandpa Harry and I think about you every day.  I am hoping that one day I will pick up the phone and hear your voice on the other end.  You are an amazing child and we miss you lots..    Each day is a new adventure for you and it is good to hear that you have retained the Maddy we all know and LOVE...     I pray that you have gone thru the worst that life has to offer you and your future will be filled with people that are inspired by your courage and spunk...  You deserve nothing but the best and God willing you will have it one day..     Wishing I could hug you right now and let you know that just because you are "out of sight" you are not out of mind..   Love you with all our heart   Grandpa Harry and grandma Laurie 

    Laureljean Montanye

  • Sep 7, 2011 12:25pm

    Hello Everyone. Grandma Bonnie checking in. Maddys 1st day in a new school. She came home and said she talked to over 100 people, Her sister and brother have already made some new friends. they will always have their Braham friends. Maddy always has such a beautiful smile and good humor. Their are a few things she cant do but minor stuff, We thank God every day for keeping her with us. The whole family is still adjusting living with us. I wish their was some way they could of kept their house, but it wasnt possible. If any one ever knows of a house that they could live in please respond. We enjoy having them here, but it is hard for 10 people to live in a 3 bedroom house. We are doing the best we can. So far so good.. Gilette is sending them tickets to go see the Twins. I hope she gets to see her favorite player Joe Mauer. I will keep updates as much as I can. Keep your prayers going. God Bless, Grandma Bonnie.

    Bonnie Larson

  • Sep 5, 2011 9:11pm

    I was so glad to see some updating on Maddy here in the guestbook.  It is so wonderful to hear that she is doing so well.  I prayed that she would be to school this fall as a normal little Maddy and it sure sounds like she will.  Best wishes to all the kids in their new schools!

    Donna Peters

  • Aug 16, 2011 9:29pm

    Hello all you wonderful people. Maddy and family is living with Grandpa Gary and Grandma Bonnie in Isanti. So Marissa, Maddy, and Merrick will be going to new schools. Maddy is the one of the most amazing little girl. She is doing very well in every way. She is always smiling and being happy. She has had a very busy summer. She has been to her best friends doing sleepovers. Dad and Mom Take her and Marissa and Merrick to Fish Lake in Stark. This pass weekend she went camping at Fish Lake in Mora with Shelby and her Family.before that she spent three days with Kaylee Jo. We can 't keep her down. We could of not made it without  all the prayers and support from every one all Over the United States. We have so much love in our hearts for all of you and especially our Heavenly Father above. She still goes to some therapy, but that probably wont be to much longer. She has a check up at Gillette this month and they will be so proud of her hard work. God Bless all of you. Grandma Bonnie.


    Bonnie Larson

  • Aug 10, 2011 7:50pm

    Hi Maddy,
    I heard about this awful accident through your relative Nikki Borchardt.  I have been keeping track of your recovery and I pray life is getting back to normal for you.  We'd love to hear an update on your healing process and if you are now home? 
    Claudia Ward

    C Ward

  • Jul 30, 2011 1:52pm

    MADDY GLAD YOUR DOING SO GOOD.........................THE ANGELS WERE WATCHING OVER YOU.................................CHECKING TO SEE HOW YOU WERE DOING...........................GREAT TO HEAR YOUR DOING SO GOOD


  • Jul 26, 2011 6:32pm

    Happy to see things are going wll for Maddy! I have been following her site on this page sence the accident happened. Will you be posting any new pictures of Maddy soon? Love to see her.

    sue M

  • Jul 21, 2011 3:04am

    Dear Sweet Maddy,
      I want you, Marissa, and Merrick to know that Grandpa and I love the 3 of you very much. I pray for you every day and hope that you continue to grow.. You are a special little girl and are capable of great things. I hope one day you will call or visit, but for now I guess we sit and wait...
       Love you with all our heart    Greandpa Harry and Grandma Laurie

    Laureljean Montanye

  • Jul 20, 2011 10:13pm

    Hello all you wonderful people for your prayers,love,visits,and your wonderful donations. Maddy is a active 11 year old. She is amazing. she work so hard to be where she is today. She doesnt need physical therapy anymore. She has speech, which the therapist thinks she dont need it. Her speech is fine. We see such a change in her mood swings. She doesnt have them anymore, she is always happy. She has been busy since being at Grandma Bonnies house. She has gone swimming a few times at pine city and rush lake. She went to the Isanti Rodeo parade and got lots of Candy. She has gone to Grandma Kathys for swimming and sleepover. She has had sleepovers at Uncle Jason and Aunt Rachels house. The Montanyes, Jesse,Tara,Marissa,Maddy,and Merrick will be living at our house. They had to move because Grandpa Gary could not afford it anymore since he lost his job 3 years ago. it will be quite an adjustment, but we will survive. The kids are sad to leave Braham schools,and there friends. They wont have trouble making new friends. Marissa will go to Cambrige-Isanti High School in Cambridge. Maddy will go to Isanti Middle school. Merrick will go to Isanti Intermediate School. Please still keep up guestbook,and trust fund donations. Each and every one of you hold s special place in our hearts. We couldnt of done it with out all of you involved in her staying with us. If any of Maddys friends want to call her at our house the number is 763-444-4692. She would love to hear from her friends. God Bless all of you. Grandpa Gary and Grandma Bonnie. Maybe someday they will have there own place again. I hope God will pray for them.

    Bonnie Larson

  • Jul 15, 2011 4:34pm

    Heyy maddy!

    I havent talked to you in sooooooooooooooooo long! well, i started a countdown to school, i know the kids dont wanna hear this, but the parents will be like YAAAAAYYYY!!! Because there is only 53 DAYS LEFT OF SUMMER VACATION!!!! AAAAHHHHHHHH!!!! WHERE DID IT GO!!! anyway, i hope that ill be able to see you soon. I plan to be in braham tomorrow and spend the nite at maddy emersons house. So mabey ill see you in like the store or around there. Hopefully people run out of stuff and go to the store in braham to get it so i can see my brahaminites :) i kant wait to see you when i go to braham when i get my week long spring break! if i do which i plan to make it an annual thing for going up to braham. I live in cambridge but i am still a bomber at heart. i like going to the bluejacketgames because i like going to football games. If i could and still lived in braham, i would go to almost every game the bobmers played. i remember walking to the baseball games. i could also hear the football games at nite if my window was open :) i could hear the announcer either way. Ahhhhhhh..... i miss braham. at least i dont live in north dakota or another state! well, i gotta go so ill talk to you later this time i promise it will be sooner that a few weeks later!

    With love,

    Sabrina Dewey

  • Jul 14, 2011 7:48pm


    Good to know you are doing so well.  May God continue to be at work in your life.



    Rich Chronis

  • Jul 14, 2011 2:36pm

    Hey Dear Maddy,

    Its me the lady with the orange finger nail polish..... Hope you enjoyed the bottle I left with the nurses at Gillette. I miss seeing you and your family but I know that you aren't there because you are a living walking breathing miracle!!

    God is so Good and so Big. There are so many who still pray for you and your family!

    Take Care, Sam's Aunt Sally

    PS: hope your nails are orange!!

    Sally Pesta

  • Jul 12, 2011 12:06pm

    Hi Miracle Maddy!!!:)      We are sooooooooooo hoping you are having a good week and enjoying summer!!!! GOD BLESS you always!Love,Carol & John G.xoxoxoxoxooxAz.

    john & carol giovinco

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